We've saved people

minutes on hold!


We believe that when you need customer service to resolve an issue, you don’t want to navigate a menu or listen to bad music... you just want to talk to someone. Fortunately, a lot of you believe the same thing!


Our Story

While waiting on hold in early 2011, Aaron Dragushan thought, "Why am I waiting on hold? Why can't I just tap a button and get a call when someone's ready to talk to me?”

A world without hold. Can you imagine?

So after several late nights building FastCustomer with Paul Singh and Steph Hay, the trio landed in Bayou Bakery in Arlington, VA to make a test call to AT&T.


With a tap followed by a few minutes sipping coffee, FastCustomer was taking its first steps to eliminate "waiting on hold" from all our lives.

When Steph's phone rang moments later and an AT&T rep was ready to help, we knew that contacting customer service would never be the same again. WHICH WAS AWESOME.

Hundreds of thousands of delighted users later, we're still passionate about making customer service better for everyone.

  • Janet - Thank you so much!

    I've only used it 3 or 4 times, but I love it! My husband got it and it's been a Godsend to him. He is very hard of hearing and sometimes he misses what number he is supposed to press for his particular problem when he has to choose from 8 or 9 different options. He often ends up choosing the wrong one and ends up back at the beginning with all the numbers being listed to him again. He would often hang up in frustration or wait for me to do it for him. So this app is more than just a time saver. Thank you so much!

  • Spanillaz - Great app!

    No more waiting on hold, what’s not to love? I like being able to add companies that aren’t already on the list.

  • SingingSabre - Free app that saves your minutes, time, and money?

    Yup, this is. It’s amazing. Download it. Now.

Our Team

  • Aaron-bw
    Aaron Dragushan Co-founder

    Aaron drives the vision of FastCustomer. Since 1993, he has been building powerful web products that help businesses succeed. He founded Wondermill Webworks, Inc., the parent company to notables Freedback and Ask500, both of which continue to power businesses worldwide today. He also has founded and organized tech groups in Hawaii, DC, and AZ.

    "Aaron is the kind of CEO you can pick up the phone and call if you have an issue, and you know he's listening to (and cares about) what you have to say. I have found Aaron to be a consummate professional, and an all-around great guy."

  • Mark-bw
    Mark Quezada Co-founder

    Mark leads our web development efforts. Ever the tinkerer, he has been developing web applications for more than a decade. (Since before they were called "web apps" even.) His current fixations are high-performance web applications using Ruby on Rails and helping teams bridge the gap between technology and user experience.

    "Mark made my ideas better."

  • Steph-bw
    Steph Hay Co-founder Emeritus

    Stephanie helps our customers get -- and keep -- their customers. For more than a decade, she has been marketing clients and managing high-profile accounts both as an independent web consultant and for agencies in the private and public sector. She speaks regularly at industry conferences, mentors at 500 Startups, and co-organizes the DC Lean Startup Circle.

    "Stephanie is detailed and communicates on a level that surpasses anyone in her industry. She is remarkable at her work. The vision Stephanie brings to the table will get you almost anywhere. I highly recommend her to anyone."

  • Paul-bw
    Paul Singh Co-founder Emeritus

    Paul leads our technology strategy. He has been engineering solid technology systems and building web platforms -- including three he personally launched and successfully exited -- since 2005. His unique balance of business savvy, technical know-how, and investing experience also has led him to 500 Startups, where he serves as a principal and mentor.

    "I met Paul at ForumOne, I was very impressed with his work ethic, and quality of work. One of the few people who passed the RHCE on the first try. I knew he was destined for bigger things."

  • David-bw
    David Browning Design

    David leads our product strategy. For a decade, David has honed his expertise in designing, developing, and leading the technical production of high-performance web applications for enterprise companies including the MITRE Corporation.

    "Dave is an extremely capable leader of technical development teams. We would have been unable to accomplish as much as we did if it had not been for his technical leadership and implementation skills."

  • Marshall-bw
    Marshall Huss Mobile

    Marshall leads our mobile development efforts. His software engineering skills span web and mobile environments for enterprises, including for companies like The MITRE Corporation and BAE Systems. He travels nationwide to deliver instructional courses on iOS development.

    "Marshall has continually impressed me with his development talent and passion for creating and using innovative software. He's a real pleasure to work with -- honest, level-headed, and always has a positive outlook."

  • Carlos-bw
    Carlos Urreta Communications

    Carlos leads our communications strategy. His expertise began in a call center, where he provided technical support. Since then, he has managed social media campaigns, spearheaded customer outreach, and led new media initiatives for companies like Calendars.com.

    "Thoughtful. Considerate. Sensitive. Idealistic. Creative. Ingenious. Inventive. Flexible. Crafty. Astute. Imaginative. Abecedary. Carlos is all these things and more. I would gladly work with him again if given the chance."