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Noavatar32 Lacey Lester

After cancelling my account I was still being charged. The phone number is a joke, after waiting several times for over 30 minutes with NO ANSWER.

Noavatar32 Leslie Watkins

I have call 4 times today and have be on hold for each time for over one hour, what the heck is going on, just hear the same recording over and over high volume of call please hold yes for how long this is not right. Very upsetting what is going on over there, very bad, bad, bad.Can't reach anyone! Bad, I am very dissatisfied.

Noavatar32 Wahneeta Warford

Hello. I have been on hold to ancestry for 80 minutes. I will hang up after writing my comments. April 25 2017 I ordered my dna kit. I received the kit and sent it back quickly. It is now August 14 2017 and I have not received my dna results. Yesterday I clicked on the e-mail I received on April 25 stating they sent my kit. Guess what- Ancestry sent me a message stating that a kit would be sent to me. The order# is the same as the April 25 order. I feel Ancestry is trying to scam me. You can't reach ancestry thru the internet either. Rip off.

Noavatar32 more confused

i sent my first kit in November-December last year , within 6 weeks i got a email stating they couldn't get any dna ,, ok i did the kit again , within 6 weeks i got an email they couldn't get any dna , (began to think i was an alien ?) ok resent test within 6 weeks i got an email (i feel like i am repeating myself) they couldn't find any dna , ok now my husband has nicknamed his alien haha, took the test again and to the day 6 weels later i get my results (i am so excited ) until i opened the email . i live in Oklahoma , my maternal side of my family has a cdib card , certificate of indian blood , but guess what i am (you guesses it lol) 0% native American . my maternal g-mother is a rape baby , her mother was raped and left for dead , by a very good friend ,he was African American , you guessed it again i am 0% African American , i am scandanavian , (spelled wrong) , irish , 3% asia , i am a Heinz 57, not sure American ,i was told my ancestors lived in Georgia and Alabama , so now i fill out the OTHER box on applications ?????? i feel that they got tired of messing with me and just gave me something. thanks for listening , hope it doesn't happen to you. signed more confused

Avatar32 Suzan.me

Seriously, I am alarmed at the poor service from Ancestry.com. I have tried every way to reach them, but it is not possible.
They do not answer calls and if you hold on too long they disconnect the call!!!! They were fast to take my money, however!!
Ancestry DNA is not cheap! Where are the results of the test I mail ??? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY?
My test results were sent over 3 months ago and still no results or notification back to me. How do I get money back?

Noavatar32 Linda Brown

I was on hold for 33 minutes and was on hold the entire time. I finally gave up. I am very dissatisfied.

Noavatar32 Charlie

Need help program will not let me delete redundant entries.

Noavatar32 Curt Boswell

How do I establish an account for my wife? I have an account but she needs one to complete the DNA kit proceedure.

Avatar32 Nancy Gardner

I joined for the free trial just to see if it's worth it. Well I cancelled it 2 days before it was over and I saw my account us being charged for it. I called to have them cancel it and refund my money, but to no avail they are too busy to answer my call. This is a mistake and will make sure I never do it again. The hints I received were nothing close to my family so it didn't do me any good.

Avatar32 Kenneth Rhodes

I have been a member for a number of years and, until now, have had little to complain about. I am experiencing a problem of not being able to access Ancestry--every time I attempt to use it, I get a flag that says "Ancestry is not responding" Please remedy this situation.

Noavatar32 Britt86

I never recieved my refund plz tefund my money my email is bellannoah86@gmail.com ou guys billed me for two months after i cancelled then i called and complained and you guys said you were refunding the money and i never recieved it now my husband just had emergency surgery and is out of work for awhile and i need the money more then ever plz refund my money thnx



Noavatar32 Pamela Cota and Dr. Phil Cota

I never received the exact countries my DNA showed. Am I German ? French ? Irish ? If any of these or others, please tell me the percentage of what I am. A friend of mine thought it be a good idea to find out everything my DNA showed. It was because of a friend, that I proceeded to contact you and send in my saliva. Can you please help me, and tell me what percent of what countries my DNA showed ? Thank you. Sincerely, Pamela A. Cota pamcota24@gmail.com Also did my saliva show that I am Jewish ? Thank you !

Noavatar32 larry

Do I just type a question or give an answer to group?

Noavatar32 ron coon

quit working

Noavatar32 Geneva Anderson

My last several attempts to log into my account have been unsuccessful. The screen is frozen and will not move forward to the trees. The monthly charges keep appearing on my credit card but I cannot access my account. Please help.

Avatar32 Yet_Another_Steve

1 (800) 262-3787

Noavatar32 Glennis Horn

I have had a membership for several years but now when I try to research I am asked to join!!!!! This is unacceptable. Please connect me so I can research.

Noavatar32 Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell

Your commercial about African ancestry is so full of nonsense I'm surprised you people are still in business

Noavatar32 Ed Ellis

I ordered one DNA test kit and I received two test kits. How do I return the second kit?

Noavatar32 Laurie

I got kit as Christmas gift and got my results about 2 weeks ago. However, now my husband's account shows up in someone else's name. Couldn't log in and had to go thru the steps to change password only to find someone (unrelated) else's tree and email. YIKES! On hold now waiting for help. Did reach someone last week to hook hubby's DNA to my tree and the girl was very helpful and patient. That's must have been when his account login got changed to another's tree though. Oh well, pretty fun but need this resolved! On hold.

Noavatar32 GloriB

I am so irritated. It's been months and no response on the DNA kit I bought as a Christmas gift. Bad service - wish I had known in advance!

Noavatar32 Kim Shields

I sent in my test kit end of Jan 2017 and haven't received my test results. How do I know if they received them. There isn't anything under my account name can anyone help?Thank you. Kim Shields

Avatar32 Barry Smith

whats the phone number

Noavatar32 guardianne

Found it very irksome that in its online advertisement highlighting famous people's ties to the Mayflower, ancestry.com fails to include the women of the Mayflower, just the men. I'm just as proud to have descended from Elizabeth Tilley as from her husband, John Howland. You might keep that in mind when you're trying to woo subscribers.