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Ancestry.com Customer Service Phone Number

currently closed
Sun-Mon: 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM
Tue-Fri: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Hold time is 10:47 min

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Noavatar32 Ed Ellis

I ordered one DNA test kit and I received two test kits. How do I return the second kit?

Noavatar32 Laurie

I got kit as Christmas gift and got my results about 2 weeks ago. However, now my husband's account shows up in someone else's name. Couldn't log in and had to go thru the steps to change password only to find someone (unrelated) else's tree and email. YIKES! On hold now waiting for help. Did reach someone last week to hook hubby's DNA to my tree and the girl was very helpful and patient. That's must have been when his account login got changed to another's tree though. Oh well, pretty fun but need this resolved! On hold.

Noavatar32 GloriB

I am so irritated. It's been months and no response on the DNA kit I bought as a Christmas gift. Bad service - wish I had known in advance!

Avatar32 Gene in L.A.

Anyone else have this happen? I did a cache dump on my computer, and when I hit my Ancestry bookmark and went to the page, it said I had to log in. Well, the prompts seem to be live, because the cursor changes to a hand when it touches them, but nothing happens when I click on them. In short, I can't get in, even to ask them for help. Any suggestions?

Noavatar32 Kim Shields

I sent in my test kit end of Jan 2017 and haven't received my test results. How do I know if they received them. There isn't anything under my account name can anyone help?Thank you. Kim Shields

Avatar32 Barry Smith

whats the phone number

Noavatar32 guardianne

Found it very irksome that in its online advertisement highlighting famous people's ties to the Mayflower, ancestry.com fails to include the women of the Mayflower, just the men. I'm just as proud to have descended from Elizabeth Tilley as from her husband, John Howland. You might keep that in mind when you're trying to woo subscribers.

Noavatar32 Glauben Mai

Well maybe you just the one that was LUCKY and I do not believe in luck. I believe it all as I just got the same thing. THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM AND YET A WAY TO STEAL MONEY.

Avatar32 Chloe Carson

I logged in several years ago, then again later and had a "free trial", then cancelled membership. Then I purchased a DNA kit, got results in an email, logged out and now unable to review results again, only got a pitch to join or buy a kit!!! Called the so-called "customer service" and was told there's no record of me purchasing a kit. Extremely unorganized and very unprofessional recordkeeping. Why would anyone trust their "ancestry" records or DNA results to be accurate!!!

Noavatar32 Big fan ancestry

Hello I have been calling ancestry for three YEARS now and still all I get is the voicemail. I want to find out about my last name tovar, but it says to go to call and I call and no one answers please help! Please I am a huge fan of ancestry and my family says that ancestry is stupid but I don't say that please prove them wrong!! Because now I am starting not be a fan either

Avatar32 Tory Moore, O.D.

same thing happened to me. Call and have them ship a new one. I had to google Ancestry DNA to find a frickin phone number. They are not in the "customer service " industry. They did send a new one though.

Avatar32 Debbie Sabala-Horan

I mailed my DNA Kit on December 9, 2016.
As of February 1, 2017, Ancestry is showing that the kit
has still not arrived. How can this issue be resolved?
The last four digits were 2P8Y.


Avatar32 Sharon Bird

My laptop indicates site is not secure, obsolete key exchange, even though https: precedes ancestry.com. Is this valid?

Avatar32 Stargazer

The same for me!

Avatar32 Christin Bowra

I have tried calling several times in two months , no answer. My account is in someone else's name. Can't figure out how to edit it. Can't reach anyone! Bad!

Noavatar32 Erica

I LOVE Ancestry's customer service! They are always so friendly every time I call in. They usually help me resolve my problems, but sometimes it's just what they call a "known issue", which happens with websites, so I get it. It's a huge website and problems happen, but I appreciate that they look into it. I have never spoken with anyone I felt was incompetent, and they usually seem to enjoy genealogy just like me!

Noavatar32 carolynsue

This is such a good idea--but the MOST disorganized "company" I have ever dealt with in any aspect!! Take notice of the fact that there is no phone # for contacting them, even in "Accounts & Billing". You can try clicking on that icon; it goes no-where! I've been a member for over a year, but this is the third time I've had a question (obviously needed an answer) and when I tried to log in-'it' doesn't recognize my email or my user name!

Noavatar32 Rozena Mahar

have not received notice that you received my specimen mailed in sept

Noavatar32 Deborah p. Morton

I sent in my DNA kit over 6 weeks ago and have not recieved my results yet.

Avatar32 Anderson

I signed up for one month and have been billed month after month. When you go to the Billing page, there is nothing there, no way to cancel. I would never trust this company again. I feel like I have been scammed!

Avatar32 Ann E Latham

I rejoined ancestry several months ago indicating only for one month. I have been charged for months but have not used it at all. Come on guys. What is the deal. I am retired and can't afford to pay for something I haven't even used. I need my credit card adjusted for at least 4 months. I would have caught this sooner but we had a long illness and a death in the family. Ann Latham

Noavatar32 Annoyed

Same, They didn't put my full address on the package, so it's not going to reach me, however there is no way to contact them and the shipper refuses to accept the correction from me, they will only accept it from ancestry who cannot be reached.

Noavatar32 lee

Can.t get anyone to answer the phone, or help with questions, Been like this for 3 days, NOT impressed with the lack of customer service, I,m beginning to think this company is a sham, Might cancel and move on to another DNA place,

Noavatar32 Angie

I cancelled my subscription before the free trial was over and it still charged me 40 dollars!! Even when I log in it says to start a free trial or re-subscribe! What is going on here?! This makes me so mad! Not to mention I can't get a hold of an actual person on customer to talk to to get my money back!!!

Noavatar32 Bcdef Ghijk

Trying to get in touch with Ancestry.com is a joke! They don't provide an email address and when you call their 'customer service' number, you are on hold forever. I have cancelled my subscription with them after many years due to no support, not able to get in touch with anyone, other Ancestry members being able to view my PRIVATE, and Ancestry stopping support of Family Tree Maker which has 10 years of genealogy work in it. Don't waste your time and money with Ancestry.com. Use FamilySearch.org which is better and FREE. Plus you can get in touch with customer service!