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Noavatar32 stephanie

I called bush gardens corp. and talked to a representative about canceling my contract"annualpass" with bushgardens, the guy that i talked to could not help me with my situation i asked to speak with a supervisor he said ok he never once asked me why i wanted to cancel my service once I got “Ashley ” on the phone she told me that she could not cancel my annual pass and prorate the difference for the day i spent which, i was not at all impressed with my visit and it was nothing like we had expected, i no longer want to pay for service i will not use or ever use she told me that she could not cancel it or prorate the difference that I was obligated to pay, , i also asked her to send me a paper bill, she said she couldn’t do that either, so i said if i call and block this transaction you will have to send me a paper bill anyways, she stated no we dont do that if you dont pay you will not be permitted into any of our locations and we will block you until its paid in full, i asked her to just send me a bill and take my credit card information out of the system she told me she could not remove my information out of the systems I told her, yes you can, she was being very snotty, rude, and not understanding about my issue and concerns, I will be contacting a lawyer, she was being very snotty and not understanding about my issue and concerns i told her that which, again, i think she stated her name was Ashley i spoke with her around 11am-1115am on 72116, she was not helpful at all and told me since i mentioned a lawyer she could no longer talk to me, I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said that she was as high as I could go, i was very upset and upon hanging up i contacted my lawyer, i can tell you now that me or my some 300 family members will never return to any of your facility’s again and i will never refer anyone to your facility’s because she was rude and unhelpful, upon contacting my layer he stated that if i stated that i want my information removed that you are legally obligated to do so upon my request.