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Hold time is 48:36 min

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Noavatar32 carol heiman

I think you should close the effeinham office,,no one ever answer the phones.you can pull up in the parking lot,set there for 1 hour..no one goes in or comes out,,you can call the Effingham number and it will put ypu thru so much crap but no one ever answers the phones,,if I had a way to get rid of apria com[letly I would,,this is nonsence

Noavatar32 Barbara George

I was told by a women on the phone that if I paid $29.66 last month, I would be paid in full with no other payment due. Yet I got a bill for $8.89 anyway. Please investigate this. I would not have paid that much if it didn't pay in full. My charge card shows that I did indeed pay the full amount..