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Avatar32 Carol Callahan Bishop

Have to call every Wednesday as paper not delivered. Tired of having to call

Avatar32 Robert Martin

it is a shame I have to wait till after 6am to go to the store and buy a paper in Apache Junction

Noavatar32 Deborah Kolze

Mike McClellan was so bigoted in his article today. He said let Ann Culter speak, but called what she had to say noxious and used other negative terms degrading her when he hasn't heard her speak yet. Not open minded, not objective, only trashing the conservative view and what he assumes Ann will say. And this guy used to teach our Mesa children, glad he's retired.

Noavatar32 John Park

Once great paper has turned itself into a Liberal Rag. I was a AZ Republic paper boy in 1959, I've been a reading the paper ever since, but no more . So Sad

Noavatar32 Phyllis Heyliger

I sure would like to have my paper before 6AM...want to read it before getting breakfast, but it is always late, messes up my day.

Noavatar32 Bill A

you people must have taken a page from the Cox people, add something in the bill every time and see if they buy it. Well that a look at your "bad" rating, that tell you something. HRC, you"ve got to be kidding!!!!!!

Noavatar32 Ed Abraja,

I was born here in Phoenix and have lived here all my life and am now in my 70's.. My family and I have been readers of the Az Republic since the 1930's. We used to consider the Republic as a decent and fair, although slightly right leaning publication...In the past few years all of my family have discontinued their subscriptions and I am the last hold out, having reduced it to twice weekly on Sunday and Wednesday, mostly for the obituaries and the food coupons....In all fairness, your rapid shift to the left has been a big disappointment to all of us and Benson with his scathing cartoons has been disgusting (even though he is supposed to provoke controversy). His disgusting cartoon on inauguration day with Trump as a puppet stating his loyalty and Putin with his hands controlling the president/puppet was an insult to all Americans...Your backing of the corrupt Hillary Clinton and her ilk lost your credibility forever......Give me the good old days of an honest paper..
Ed A....

Noavatar32 melvin cogswell

I cannot understand how a newspaper like yours turned into a sorry piece of crap

Noavatar32 Margrete Cymanski

Why are we not getting there whole paper. We have had a subscription for years. Lately we are not getting the sports or they front page. Our neighbors are getting there whole paper.

Avatar32 Jacqueline Luebke

Im done with the propaganda crap. Cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have continued far too long thinking I was able to discern and read through the crap for scraps of truth.

Noavatar32 Elvira M. Muselli

I am trying to CANCEL my subscription to this newspaper. They have called me back two times.
Once I got out of the shower. the second time they kept me on whole. I am telling you as of the 30 days
which I did take the paper for a trial I NO LONGER WANT IT!! Keep in mind if you keep sending it YOU WILL NOT GET PAID! I am not going to try to hunt you down to CANCEL!!!!

Noavatar32 JustMe

Today, 1/4/17, was the 2nd time within 3 weeks that various sections of delivery were not readable. Pages not readable today were in Section A (Main News), pages 4 & 19, And Section C (Sports), pages 2 & 5. Rollers dirty and multiple ink streaks make paper not readable. Help is needed from the print room to the Republics President to avoid another lost customer

Noavatar32 Mary "Kitty" Smith

Would like to cancel my subscription. Three reasons: 1) poor delivery 2) poor customer service; when did the paper stop seeing to it that you got a paper that day. I don't want it tomorrow. 3) your job is to report the news, not telling us how to interpret it or endorse a particular candidate.

Noavatar32 Joann Faber

Sorry this is the Copper Basin area for clarification of

Noavatar32 Joann Faber

9 a.m Sunday morning and I am still waiting for my newspaper. Is there no way they can get this person to deliver the papers correctly?? I complain they say they will send a paper or credit my account but bill is the same every month. It is getting old.

Noavatar32 Kathleen

We have bought the Arizona Republic since we moved from California two years ago. We were disappointed when you recently endorsed Hillary Clinton. Your journalistic responsibility is to report the news. Instead, you have chosen to announce your bias for a morally and ethically bankrupt and incompetent liar. It is my choice to never buy your paper again. Maybe Donald Trump is right about the press. You should have just stayed neutral.

Avatar32 Bonnie

I am PROUD of the stand that my local paper has taken. Citing a clear and fact-driven opinion has convinced me to re-subscribe to the paper, to support our reporters, whether I agree or not with the content. Without a free and open press, we no better than a dictatorship, oligarchy. Those who have said that because of your endorsement, they are cancelling are only wanting to hear what they want to hear. We already have Fox news for that. Our newspapers must factcheck their info and report what they have found. The editors have the immense responsibility to be thoughtful in their opinions. We do not have to agree, but we should respect our local newspeople and support their right to report.

Noavatar32 Rick

Bravo to you and your entire staff. For a conservative newspaper to take the brave step of realizing that the Republican nominee represents no one but himself, and is a prime example of everything bad about America, and endorsing the only qualified candidate is extraordinary. From the comments, is seems that your "loyal" following are only loyal so long as you feed them a constant stream of what they want to see. They can get that from the "entertainers" on their favorite TV network. For those of us with working brains capable of critical and independent thought, thank you. Please continue to follow the path of real journalism, even if it doesn't serve the paper's best interests.

Avatar32 Joe Darabos

I live in michigan ....i was greatly impressed by the courage of the staff in standing up to threats,and intimidation by people who dont have a clue ......i want to subscribe for a 1 year subscription ....

Noavatar32 Pat

I have not been a customer of your newspaper for several years, but interestingly enough, you seem to want my business again! Now that I learn that you have endorsed HIllary for Pres, I am certainly not interested in re-subscribing.

Avatar32 Jim C. Hunt

Hard to cancel this yellow rag. They've made it that way.

Noavatar32 Summer

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a couple of weeks and somehow every day I have another paper at my door. I have tried repeatedly to call but am always on hold for at least 45 minutes before having to hang up. I have also received multiple calls per day from AZ Republic who always hang up on me as soon as I answer. The couple times I was able to speak with someone they told me that they could not cancel for me, then hung up. The multiple calls per day are very disrupting during work and verging on harassment. I have even tried cancelling on-line but still receive a paper daily. I was not particularly happy with the paper to begin with but after the Hillary Clinton endorsement, I want nothing to do with this establishment. Can someone please help me get through the proper channel to cancel???

Noavatar32 Jeff Martin

Please cancel my subscription. Your endorsement of the wicked witch makes me ill :(

Noavatar32 John

Your newspaper is despicable! Consider my subscription cancelled! My family and I will have nothing to do with your organization.

Noavatar32 Patti Bader

Tired of reading this liberal left wing paper. I am canceling my subscription especially after they endorsed Hillary......