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Arizona Republic Customer Service Phone Number

currently closed
Sun-Mon: 12:00 AM-11:59 PM
Tue-Fri: 12:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Sat: 12:00 AM-11:59 PM

Hold time is 05:49 min

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Average Minutes on Hold per Day

Noavatar32 Margaret Weedin

Cancel my paper as of July 13th as I am moving out of the state

Noavatar32 mike

pg D8 Missing today july 1 2016

Noavatar32 B. Bishop

please cancel my subscription, dont like the paper, too big B. Bishop

Avatar32 Rob Ide

Please cancel my subscription Leaving town

Noavatar32 Marge DeCarlo, Vista del Lago,

cancel my subscription as of May 24, 2016. Will be leaving town.

Noavatar32 Carmella Gallivan

Please disconnect my service ASAP

Noavatar32 Gerald

I agree with Pauline.

Noavatar32 Pauline

I have been trying to cancel my paper by phone and online. You make it very easy to sign up but hard to cancel.
I plan on going back to picking up my Sunday paper.

Noavatar32 Norma Lambert

Had a real good delivery service until this week. What happened that I used to get it about 6:30 or 7 a.m.
but now it's 9:30 or 19: a.m. ????????????????

Noavatar32 sharon genereaux

sick of poor quality of this paper and continuous price increases that give me nothing. paper always creased, ink smeared and/or pages missing - like today. Think I need to cancel and just use my money for something better.

Noavatar32 bob

I am dropping your so called newspaper I was on hold for almost a hour two days ago. And what annoying people adverting what they do for the paper How about some music after one plug of talking? I am upset with the increase in price and I don't like how your paper has such a strong liberal view and Benson is the worst. I will never renew your paper. The way you are running your business I would guess you will be going out of busine very soon

Noavatar32 evelyn dwiggins

why doesn't the TV Guide give the right programing Football games for today are not listed

Avatar32 Fran Michael

I have received your letter notifying me of your price increase -I am not a HAPPY person with this change!! I am an elderly citizen living on a fixed income which will not allow another raise in subscription costs and continued service- there comes a time when choices must be made- I for one, can not continue with these raising costs. No news paper would be regretful, but the TV can and will give me the same information- A sorry mess you have created for loyal customers!!!

Noavatar32 Pat

Another rate increase! Not happy! I have been a faithful customer for 29 years. No customer loyality. Didn't appreciate your fluff letter informing me if increase. I don't know where you did your servey of customers! I don't like reading the paper on line. I'm an a tecky person but like having a hard copy if the paper. Delivery of the paper has been terrible lately. The recent changes of the paper expecially the adding of the USA ... Redundant! If I wanted to read the USA I would gave bought it! Loosing a good customer!

Noavatar32 PKessler

Am a digital subscription customer. Yesterday and today, the digital paper only included comics and sections at the very end of what we normally use. Tried to use automated phone line to notify them, and got thrown into a phone loop twice. Not happy!

Noavatar32 James

I did not get my pPer this morning 12583 N 175th Dr surprise az I need it for the ads where I work. Now I'm without them and it makes my job that much more difficult. Now I have to download each store ad and print them so I can use them at work. Much more time spent unhappy subscriber

Avatar32 elaine hippen

I did not get my t.v. guide in the sunday paper this happens a lot. Please send me out a t.v. guide thanks

Noavatar32 Subscriber

Why would you not have evening customer service hours.

Noavatar32 Ermebeau



Noavatar32 Ardelle

We did not receive our newspaper for the 2nd time this week this am  May 5th  phone # 623 535 9568  address 12543