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Blue Care Network of Michigan Customer Service Phone Number

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Hold time is 03:14 min

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Noavatar32 Judy Smith

I have a bill for a physical exam with my Henry Ford PCP doctor on Dec 3, 1915 for $110. It should have all been paid by BCN.
Can you check on it. Name is Judy Smith, DOB 7/19/1949

Noavatar32 Cam

This was posted in error and should be removed but unable to delete it.

Noavatar32 Chris Mannino

I have changed plans from HAP to Blue Care Network Effective january 1st. I am with a government group called FEHB. As of a few days ago, Bluecare customer service had not received any file information on this change from the government. My question is: has anything happened since where info may have been transferred to Blue Care. Name is Christopher A. Mannino 5/12/47 Pls. advise