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Noavatar32 Toby McErlean

Incredible! First of all, only fair compliance with health department standards. Secondly, the store is filthy. I asked for some lox and the server poured a nasty looking liquid onto the counter and proceeded to pull out a sick looking and very skimpy piece of lox. Yuk! I walked out of the store and headed to Subway next door. This is the Brueggers on Western Avenue in Guilderland NY.

Avatar32 AmyC

While I am waiting to be called back....I just had a very poor experience at my brueggars in Plymouth MN. There was not even close to enough workers. 1 manager, 1 baker, 2 making sandwiches and 1 at the register. When I arrived there was 5 people in front of me and when I left 10 minutes later, the line was out the door, because 2 out of 5 of us couldn't get what we want and just took what was available.
I kept hearing 10-15 minutes for an everything bagel so when I got to the counter- 10 mins later, I asked and the girl told me 10-15 mins. I asked her to check and the baker and manager (who were very hurried since they had just found a 13 dozen order that was not filled) told the girl that they didn't have any and offer some wheat bagels. (i saw the everything bagels in the over already)
The customer service was horrible and the people waiting in line were not treated well and no apologies were made. The manager appeared "that there was no issue" (line out the door, low amount of bagels and poor customer service) It was a poor experience!