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Avatar32 Lei Waje

hello how can i print the details of my booking scheduled

Noavatar32 Michelle

I called Cheap o Air and spoke to Boyd Antrix Soni. He was extremely pleasant and very helpful. Although I ended up paying more, due to my mistake he still gave me a discount. Many thanks to Boyd for all his help

Noavatar32 Michelle

Hi I booked what I thought was 2 tickets from Cape Town to Hong Kong departing 20 July 2017 and returning 31 july 2017. I see only my husband has been booked. I would like to either cancel this or add me to the trip? None of the telephone numbers are working. Please advise
many thanks
Regards Michelle

Noavatar32 Carissa Singson

Hi I am from manila Philippines. I also want to cancel a flight i booked 2 hours ago. The customer chat personnel said i can only do cancellations through phone but i cannot contact their number. How do i call cheapoair fr
om manila. Please help!

Noavatar32 shierlly chang

Hi..i am from indonesia. i bought the flight ticket this morning and i realize the timing was wrong, so i need to cancel the flight ticket but i can't go thru to call from indonesia. pls advice how i can cancel my ticket. thanks

Avatar32 Greta Tasedan

Honestly, don't bother. Get your bank to contest the charge as a fraudulent charge and book with someone else. It's not worth it.

Avatar32 Greta Tasedan

I booked a flight for 6 people and needed to make a change to the flight. I was happy to make the incredibly high extra payment as my job depends on this. I realized the mistake within 10 seconds of the booking and was told to wait by over 10 "customer service agents" over the course of 7 days. I have spent 7 days trying to get CheapOAir to change my flight to the correct date and they have charged me for the origional flight, the flight change (over $700) and still haven't made the change or booked my new flight (that I have paid for). They refuse to send me a confirmation email and keep telling me to wait. I've been waiting 7+ days now for a simple confirmation that I PAID $700 FOR and they simply refuse to give it to me. The flight is now in less that 48 hours and I have NO IDEA if I am confirmed, if the changes have been made, or if I and my bosses are getting on an airplane in less than 2 days. Is there any way to get even the most basic customer service from this company? Anything other than "wait for another day" would be great.

I have never paid SO MUCH to have such an incredibly terribly experience. This company has cost me $3000 and has almost cost me my job. No excuse was given except that they can't do much to help me get my booking confirmed. I don't understand what this company does if they are unable to make airline bookings and changes?!

I'm absolutely SHOCKED at how horrible this experience was. The worst experience of my life and I will warn every single person I know not to book with CheapOAir....and we (my extensive network of Aviation professionals) travel constantly.

Horrible. Stress.

I'm off to copy and paste this note every single place I can. No one should be treated this way.

Noavatar32 Dory McAlister

I have been trying to call and have been unable to speak to a person. I received a text message with a booking number. The problem is that I have not booked a flight. The booking number is 41597473. I need to know who's name is on this and where they went.

Avatar32 Chris Henke

Dear Customer team,
I'd like to book a flight for 2 ppl. with Air Canada on the 17th of July, round trip, and one, one way from Grenada, West Indies to Frankfurt international, Germany. I need to have the flight with 1.50 hrs stop over in Toronto.
The Flight No. is 1787 to Toronto and 876 to Frankfurt with Air Canada. I need to take 2 cats in the cabin, I talked to AC already. How long before the trip I need to book a flight???? Of course I would like to have the special price. Is there any flight earlier than July??? I appreciate your soon answer. Regards, Chris

Noavatar32 petral Scott

I bought a ticket from Montego Bay to Orland and was told that the itenary would be sent to my email from a week ago and it is not yet there . PLEASE LOOK INTO THE MATTER FOR ME

Noavatar32 liz

i am so fed up of being passed around i called u about my flight u told me to call westjet i have 8 times now called u lot 3 times if this aint taking the mickey all i want to do is change my flight not hard to do is it oh yes it is

Noavatar32 Christo

I understand my payment from my credit card did not go thru and this was due to my bank sending me a new card and obviously number. How can I ensure the payment goes thru with my new number and cv number?

Avatar32 Cora Emens

Never again

Avatar32 Cora Emens

Hello, I booked a return flight to istanbul this morning and normally i get a quick confirmation with an e-ticket. I did get a bookings number bit did not receive my e-ticket yet. Please send me my e-ticket. I called KLM and they told me that my return flight with them is not booked yet. My bookingsnumber with you is:

Booking # 38853481
I need to have a ticket soon, I do not know now what to do. I got the messsage that my master card is charged, so now what can i do?

Noavatar32 rudolpho lee trigg

What is the address of cheepoair in manila

Avatar32 Bazza

Hi my name is Soolefai,
Money has been stolen from my account last night and I have found out that It was used to purchase a ticket from this website called One Travel.com. which led me here.........very upset because I go to the shop this morning to buy some food for my kids and I am declined....WOW!!!
I tried calling customer services and online help and all the numbers that have been provided are not connected.
I live in Australia my number is 0476163585 if anyone has any helpful information I can use to get these people??
One thing stealing money from people in general but to steal food from out of little kids mouths


Noavatar32 helendonaghy@eircom.net

have purchased tickets from you and cannot get a reply from you and no reference number

Noavatar32 helendonaghy@eircom.net

am trying to call you from spain wont take my phone number

Noavatar32 Patrick Crowe

Hi please could you provide a phone number for me to call from the Cayman islands, I have attempted with various numbers on you site but not having much luck and I need to urgently change my flight back to the UK.

Thank you in advance.

Noavatar32 Lisa

what a joke of a company!

Noavatar32 Rma

Don't do it Cheapoair will rob u blind! Booked ticket called to cancel then they just started randomly taking money out of my bank account within 10 minutes of cancellation they removed $245.00! Reported them to the bbb & this is not a mistake this is a scam!!!! & Will be investigated as a scam not poor customer service etc. bbb/department of justice is now investigating! Hope u all go down greedy bastardized!

Noavatar32 Jeevan Rego

They are very pathetic had asked for wheelchair assistance for my parents both 65 + , called 2 weeks and now they are educating to read the the fine print ,which I am aware . Now telling its the discretion of airport. Never truest the agents .

Noavatar32 Johndy Surio

overcharged by easyjet and customer service gave me a billing confirmation contact number 888-793-4229 but its not working.. can you give me another free of charge contact number please. Im here in UK thanks

Noavatar32 Debra Gish

hello, I've written customer service five times in the past week and they do not respond. I am at my wits end with the lack of response to my important request to change the flight schedule due to a family emergency. they were quick to charge my credit card for the ticket but seem to be off the radar when it comes to addressing their guarantee of being able to change a reservation within 24 hours. it's impossible to do when they don't answer the phone or their emails. I have copies of each piece of correspondence as well as the electronic invoice they sent confirming the flight. thanks, Debra G

Noavatar32 maddugaru rajeswararao appalar

my booking reference number was X3T3AM from Bahrain to Doha on 30.0.2016 by British airways. i am presently resident of Saudi Arabia with Iquama # 2332727797. British airways did not allow me to board the plane stating that my Iquama vaidity is needed for 6 months, where it was 5 months and few days. Hence i had to come back to saudi arabia and taken Sauti Bus transport company bus and reached Doha , Qatar without any hurdle. My Qatari visa was on arrival. THough i have explained in the British Airways counter, the lady at the counter did not oblige. I never faced such problem in other airlines. ANyhow, the service and response was very bad and i request you to refund my ticket amount.