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Noavatar32 Barb Gambino

I left a message for you to call me regarding my order, but I haven't heard from anyone. I ordered L'Oréal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color, Crushed Garnet. You sent me Rich Mahogany. Both are listed as #41. Has Crushed Garnet been renamed? Rich Mahogany seems a darker color on the box. Order No. is 03405939022101.

Noavatar32 Stanley White

Good afternoon; whats with the telephones? One ring and call drops. RE:order number 03403864568101 I received my order in damaged condition. The Badger After Shave Oil has a broken top and oil has saturated the other products.

Noavatar32 Vicki Sieven

I only received 5 out of the 6 boxes of Godefroy eyebrow tint. I was charged for six. Can you please send I to me at 2234th Street. East Northport, New York 11731. The order number is 03400001905101. Item number is 18629700010

Thank you

Vicki Sieven

Noavatar32 Anne Barnes

I received part of my order yesterday. I received the vitamin "Hair, Skin & Nails, but I DID NOT receive the Resveratrol vitamins that I also ordered. Please forward to me this missing order as soon as possible. I have paid for them and would like to have them

Noavatar32 evi

I ordered 4 ice blue pink lipsticks by Cover Girl and only 3 arrived. Order #03391041964101. Please ship the 4th one to me, as I paid for it...not sure if you need further information. But from below, sounds like this happens quite frequently. kindly advise when it's been shipped.

Noavatar32 annemarie church

I ordered Tan Towel Towellette and used 2 of them, I havent' seen any color on my skin at all.............. I've used these before,
and had success with them. I would like to know if anyone else has had this same problem?

Avatar32 Stan Drummond

There has been a error on my shipment, A few days ago I ordered a shipment of Palmer's Shea Formula Moisturizing Body Lotion with coconut, but when my shipment arrived it was the wrong lotion from Palmer’s.

I will be delighted to receive a re- shipment of what I ordered.

Noavatar32 Steven Franz

I received my order and was missing one item. Order # 03387118982101. Received Item # 074312171390 and 031604012243. Problem?

Noavatar32 Betty B Mullins

I received my order today.. Order number 03383103373101 was missing item #03160401486 Nature Made Vitamin C, 500mg, 250 tablets. Please ship soon as possible.

Avatar32 Nancie Webb

My ordwe #03379957903101 was missing item#81877200032 (Vaska One Laundry detergent) and included a tube of JOICO INTENSE HYDRATOR. WHAT CAN i do/

Noavatar32 Heather

I just received my order I paid for 5 lip liners and only received 4. Order #03378333207101--Please advise.

Noavatar32 Arlene A. Cherback

On my order no. 03374186649101, I ordered 2 Centrum Silver Women 50+. When you ordered 2 you were supposed to get 1 free. I received the 2 that I paid for but did not receive the free one.

Noavatar32 Bill

Order 03372555875101
The product is not the same one pictured

Avatar32 Loretta Michel

Order #03370044890101 received. Missing 1lipstick #08010000447. Shipping order slip indicates only 1ordered however, I ordered and payed for 2. Please check and get back to me. Loretta



Noavatar32 Susan Rennoldson

I received my order #03365546144101 today but missing items number 733739046307 and 074312058004. Invoice has them checked as shipped but were not in the box. Thanks, Susan

Avatar32 Diane Cavallin

I received my order today. I ordered 3 items but only got 1 item. Order number 03357527168101 missing was both Pro-sense safe Guard canine de wormer 40 lbs.

Noavatar32 Betty Barnhouse

I recieved my order #03356110649101.. The invoice showed my order correctly.. However, my order of Inner Grace3 in 1 perfumed shampoo and shower gel.60407902970 was replace3d with something called "falling in love" why don't you just ship me what i ordered and make this customer a little happier

Noavatar32 Rosalia Zamudio

Hello, my order no. is 03354166221101
I bought 3 products from Vichy and two Avene. Everything was there in the package, except the gifts I was entitled too with the purchase of every product. When I was placing my order, every item stated "gift with purchase", and just received the "be the best version of yourself" mini zipper pouch.
I don't want to sound agnoxious, but if I purchased 5 items, sunscreen products, in high season, the mini pouch is not representative. These products normally come with promotional stuff like beach bags.

Thank you for your answer.

Noavatar32 Donna Snyder

I am a returning costumer who enjoys ordering from your company. I find you very amiable to work with. I have a complaint though. You are advertising the purchase of 2 bottles of Sundown Naturals Black Cohosh, 540 mg., capsules 100 ea. and you will receive a free bottle. I purchased 2 bottles but did not have the third one shipped to me. Could you please honor that promised advertisement and ship the 3rd bottle to me? Thanks. I have always known you to fix what may be a mistake and I tell my daughter and friends to use your company because you are good people and stand behind your products.

Donna Snyder

Avatar32 Debbie

I just received my order today and most of it are there except the Boots No. 7 Protect Perfect Intense Serum 1fl.oz. which it states buy 2 get 1 free. So I bought two but did not received the third one or the free one. Here's my order # 03352359246101. Where does my free one goes? Please respond asap. Thanks.

Noavatar32 Jean Shaw

Received my order correctly but the statement enclosed is not correct - statement includes order number and name ans address of customer. Where was my statement send and what part of my information is made available to someone else.

Avatar32 lucinda

Ordered justins squeeze packs almond butter 10 ea. Ordered 2, for a total of 19.98, or 9.99x2. I received two individual packs. Short 18 packets, or the majority of the order. Please contact me
email; landrad4@stedwards.edu

Noavatar32 Guest

Just received 2nd shipment on Back Order #34533435604Order and was charged $1.99 for shipping. My original order showed me that my shipping would be FREE. If you do not have the product to send, why should I then have to pay shipping charges. Thanks.

Noavatar32 Patricia Mash

Just received order #03346080852101 which included Nature's Valley Lycopene advertised as buy 2 get 1 free. Rec'd
2 - charged for 2 - but did not receive 1 free. P Mash tello6215@gmail.com