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Noavatar32 Tina Jacob

Last year William Hoyle of the
Bellevue branch of Edward Jones approached my husband and I in our driveway. He
wanted to sell us some stock. We were not interested. I said if and when I was
interested in investing with him I would call him. He gave me his card and I
gave him mine. This was early Spring last year 2015. A month or so later I
started to get emails then phone calls. Over and over. I kept stating I would
contact him when I was ready to do anything. He just would not give up. Then he
contacted me about some Disney Stock. Again he just wouldn't stop. So he
finally wore me down and we invested 10,000.00 and bought the Disney Stock and
of course he was the only one to make money off of that mistake. As soon as it
goes up some we are pulling out and I never intend on doing business with
Edward Jones ever again. I also would never refer anyone to them. William Hoyle
just couldn't take no for an answer. I have never had an experience with anyone
such as that in my life. (He no longer works there) not sure why. I will never
do any new business with them.

Noavatar32 Jim Patterson

I am trying to move money from a managed ED JONES account to a SCHWAB account and there is HOLD on part of the funds
that are not transferring. The account number is 527-98942-1-5 and the money not being able to move is JP MORGAN Fed Mon MKT. 
Can you help me with this!
                                                       Jim Patterson