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Noavatar32 Ryan

Wondering why Don Jackson from GB is listed on waivers for another week and can't be picked up until 10/26/16. He should be listed as a Free Agent and not even need to go on waivers. Definitely should be able to be picked up before tomorrow's game. Just wondering if there is something I am missing. Can anyone please advise.

Noavatar32 Luis

hey all a quick question....if a person is on a bye week...and the games have already started. Can an owner still swap out that player or should that player be locked?

Noavatar32 Joe

Our commish screwed up at set the draft for 7 Eastern and we are Central. No one was ready and it's now auto drafting. What can we do?

Noavatar32 Scott Routhe

We have a 12 team League. we have a bid process to acquire players from the waiver wire. Player goes to the highest bidder. we have some owners asked to bid a $ amount for an acquisition and others that are able to pick players up for nothing. Just add and drop a player on the roster. How do I fix this

Avatar32 David Hayden Callison

What happens if I make a 12 man league and I only have 10 people and I can't change my draft settings? Will it automatically change it to 10? I need to know asap. Thank you

Avatar32 Winston Stansberry

So does Randall Cobb get points for recovering a fumble in the end zone tonight ?

Noavatar32 Jay

Im in 2 leagues with the same waiver systems. 1 day waiver for each. In 1 league I dropped Chris Johnson this morning an it said he will be available tomorrow and in another league I did the same thing and it says he will be available on Wednesday. I dropped Johnson today to keep him away from other teams, why is he available tomorrow?

Noavatar32 John Petersen

I have a question about changing and saving the pre-draft player rankings?

Avatar32 Vince Rotell

we have 16 teams, can we break it up into two conferences with 8 teams each whereby all players are available and that only the 8 teams play each other their perspective conference? the end result would be playoffs for both conferences and the winners play in the Superbowl?