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Avatar32 Tamara Paenen


On the 9th of September 2015, I will
travel as a volunteer to Nepal to take an active part in the cleanup and

reconstruction of Dadhikot, a
village near by Bhaktapur.

This village has been heavily
damaged during the earthquake of April & may 2015.

This voluntary work is coordinated
by an official organization called the " Aasha Project-Earthquake" - http://project-aasha.webnod....

For this project, we need to bring a
trunk full of working tools with us (measurements L 110 cm – W 50 cm – H 40 cm;
+/- 30 kg).

The cost for this transport weigh
heavily on the organization.. Therefore, we hope to get some contribution
or discount from your company to fly this trunk to Nepal.

Only then we will be able to complete
our mission.. The trunk will remain in Nepal, so only one flight needs to be

Or if there is another solution, you
let me now,

My name and flight details are:

Deckers Danny – E-ticked number
6076776113060 from

Brussels 09/09/2015 Etihad Airways
(EY) 56 to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 10/09/2015 Etihad Airways
(EY) 290 to Kathmandu

We really would appreciate your help
and therefore thank you for a positive reply.

If this is not the right e-mail
address, can you sent it to the right person please ?

Deckers Danny

Deckers Danny