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Avatar32 Dave Boyke

After seeing a segment about Expedia on GMA, I will continue to use others and not Expedia.

Noavatar32 dahirou sy

I have a question: if someone doesn't have a credit card or bank card, how to pay for a airline ticket?

Noavatar32 Tony

i have a problem if someone can help, i make a mistake with the date when I'm booking a room in a hotel on Expidia how i can fix it ?

Avatar32 Samuel Ryu

expedia change flight customer service is the worst and sucks. Waited over an hour and tried multiple time over 3 days... sent e-mails too and not a single reply

Avatar32 Zhang Kedian

I booked three tickets from LAX to New York JFK on 1.20.2017, I checked my reservation status in both Expedia an AA website, both are ok. But my bank account was charged only one ticket. I wonder why. So I try to contact the human customer service of Expedia, but I failed. Even I leave my phone number on the fast customer service website, every time my phone just ring one sound which makes me can't connect to the Expedia customer service. Very bad experience in Expedia. What's a fun! I have a concern just want to pay fully my three tickets, but they don't give me a chance.

Noavatar32 Ron Reid

new customer....unbelievably bad service. i will never use them again nor recommend them!

Avatar32 paul shields

You are exactly right I feel the same way!

Avatar32 paul shields

They used to do a good job,,,now terrible, have been on hold for hours over a period of days..had a supervisor tell me he would change a mistake THEY made in my reservations on an in country airline in belize..charged me a 30 dollar change fee took 45 minutes to do a new schedule (only dropped one flight) then informed me tickets were non refundable...I asked him WHY then did he redo whole schedule and charge me an extra 30 dollars when i would have been better off just leaving as was.and not taking the extra flight?.he could not answer that and I asked to get transferred to corporate customer service ...was on hold there for over an hour then phone call was terminated...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! They have just lost my business!

Noavatar32 Shawn

I have been on hold to cancel a hotel reservation in Orlando (Hurricane Matthew) for 4 hours. Unbelievable. Tried to cancel through hotel; however, because i booked through Expedia, the hotel cannot cancel my reservation. Orlando is under evacuation. REALLY!!!!!!!!!

Avatar32 Susan P

I'm just so incredibly frustrated. I was on the phone with Expedia for hours in another country trying to cancel a part of my trip. They transferred me without warning after holding for a half hour, then i had to explain again. They said they'd call me back. Didn't. Called again and explained all over again. On phone an hour. Said they made me a new reservation for next day and would reimburse me. Didn't. Said they'd call hotel and negotiate a refund. Didn't. I called hotel myself. They were supposed to call me back. Didn't. I don't even know what to do now. I'm out HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for a trip i never made. No way to email. Phone calls get dropped. it's a huge waste.

Noavatar32 d0rdrecht

My flight from Hurghada to Alexandria was cancelled, the only flight per day. On the way to Alexandria in a private taxi, we stopped at the Egypt Air office in Hurghada to ask for a refund. The manager said that since i had reserved through Expedia, that company would issue the refund. At home, the fight began. Expedia said I needed to contact Egypt Air; Egypt Air said the same thing I was told in Hurghada. Hours on hold, nothing resolved. An email this morning said that no refund was coming, but an 800 number to Egypt Air could resolve the problem. Calling the 800 number, I was told that Egypt Air had never been contacted about my refund, and in their experience, Expedia was a bunch of liars. Since I am tired of being on hold for hours, I am writing a real letter to Expedia's headquarters at: 333 - 108th Avenue, N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004. Never again will I deal with this monkey outfit!

Avatar32 gianni000007

Expedia after sale service is a scam or a shame! You chose!
After 3 calls (from Italy) and 15 mails they are still unable to uderstand they have charged me twice for the same service
They try not to refund me with the most ridicolous excuses though would be enough to read the cornfirmation THEY sent me
I don't know how they can run a business this way, people there seem unable to grasp even the most basic problems related to a credit card, they are probably trained to dismiss claims as soon as they can
Never again, never again!

Avatar32 Annie Towne

The airline that services my local airport stopped flying there, long after I booked by outgoing and incoming flights. Expedia never contacted me, so I found out just now, totally by accident (I leave on Monday). I've been on hold now for ages, waiting for a supervisor to tell me how she or he is going to get me to the big airport, 4.5 hours away that I cannot get to on my own. I believe the customer service is in Asia, so English is a problem. Will let you know what, if anything, they can do for me.

Avatar32 Salisu Abdullah

I made card reservation with Expedia using Debit card. When I went to pick the card I was informed by the rental company that they do not accept debit card. I called Expedia and was advise to cancel the reservation and make another reservation with Enterprise Rental a car that accepts debit car. I was charged additional fee. I called them and they promised to refund within 5 days. It is now over three weeks without any refund

Noavatar32 Juli Fischbach

I've been on hold for over 25 minutes so their wait times are a lie! Ridiculous! And we arrive in Puerto Rico and my reservation through them for a car was bogus!

Noavatar32 Bill Logan

Thank you Albert, in customer service. Did a great job of solving my problem. Very fast service. If I'm ever in El Salvador we go have a beer.

Noavatar32 Kathleen

Absolutely the worst customer Service Ever! Don't purchase your tickets from Expedia. The Charges are hidden and they will show up on your bank statement after your purchase. In addition, I was not able to access my Itinerary and tried calling everyday for 2 weeks. The hold time was over 2 to 4 hours. I have yet to reach someone and my trip is approaching soon. You can only speak to a live person if you select no 1 as if it was a new reservation, only to be transfered to customer service to wait. Insane! :-( :-( :-( :-(

Noavatar32 Wendy Mistica

I reserve at metropark hotel in Hongkong. But we used as payment was credit card, so the name appear in the their reservation is the owner of the credit card who is at the Philippines and ,my daughter. now i'm going to check in, they can't let me check-in because its not under my name. What can i do about this?

Noavatar32 Gary andrews

They cancel my reservation took my money and coupon they are so disrespectful no one gives you any help

Noavatar32 Brittany

I am beyond frustrated with this company. I am currently reaching my third hour on hold with their customer service number. I am dumbfounded by this. They just lost a customer for life. Dear Expedia, I hate you with every fiber of my being.

Noavatar32 hassan ait ali

Never again with expedia never ever ! Oh my god Very Very poor customer service! More than one hour on the phone and nothing solved!!

Noavatar32 Susan

Expedia issued an itinerary for a non refundable overnight stay at a Quality Inn in Pennsylvania but the hotel attendant said my itinerary number was not in their computer and the shower was not working . It was late and the room was clean and bed was comfortable but Expedia and Quality Inn need to get their info. correct ..the discount was not given by Quality Inn and was told it was an issue with Expedia....

Noavatar32 Craig

Tried to book a Key west trip at Pier House through Expedia. Confirmation dates came back wrong..called Customer Service to fix and tell them to correct dates that were inputted. Talked for 3 days....They want me to pay a cancellation fee due to the dates being wrong. They are trying to charge me $291.38. I took matters into my own hand and called the Hotel direct to see if there was a in fact a Fee--there was NOT! Expedia will try and charge you if they can get away with it. In speaking with 3 diff Mgrs/supv...its been a nightmare with Cust service--Hope this helps the next person that they try to swindle out of some $$$

Noavatar32 Kathy

Expedia has extremely poor customer service! They can only burn me once, and by some of the posts I've read my $72.00
refund is a drop in the bucket to many of Expedia customers.

Noavatar32 J Lang

Just booked flights via Expedia. The price quoted on the Departing flight section of the site clearly said, "$427 Round Trip". But when I clicked through to select my Return Flight, I suddenly saw additional charges associated with each choice of flights; the additional charges varied from $15 to $25 or more depending on which return flight I chose. So the Round Trip statement on the first part of the transaction was not accurate, and there was no mention on the first page that I would be facing additional charges. My final ticket cost was a little more than $450. Expedia did not do that in the past. I will avoid using Expedia in the future. 'Bye, Expedia.