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FitBit Customer Service Phone Number

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Hold time is 03:58 min

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Avatar32 Rose Anne Davis

my fitbit will not sync with my iphone or laptop..It was a Christmas gift so I don't know what the password was they used to set up my account. attempts to reset password have failed..ugh...

Avatar32 Rose Anne Davis

told to call back in 2 hours! Said they were trying to find my info?!!

Noavatar32 sberk

Charging cable on the alta has a poor design. I have had 2 fail already in 5 months. They need to redesign.

Noavatar32 mike077

Excellent response and service. Fitbit had stopped charging. Called Customer Service. They answered almost immediately, and after walking me through trying to fix the problem, they offered to sent a replacement. Very painless and appreciated. Great work FitBit.

Noavatar32 Al D

want to check the setting for my step distance

Noavatar32 Boone Tillett

Lousy response see time.got your money

Avatar32 Jeanne

I called Fitbit for the second time in about 3 minutes as I was disconnected. I was reconnected in about 2 minutes with "Jake". In about 3 minutes he resolved my problem with the Charge model and it is working just fine now. Thanks Jake!