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Noavatar32 Rohn Mitchell

Called Hilton Honirs for customer assistance after one of their hotels couldn't find one of my reservations, was transferred 3x, impudent rep stated that he couldn't nor wouldn't help me that it was my problem, would not repeat his name nor transfer me to his supervisor and then hung up on me. If the event the family is going to attend wasn't using a Hilton Hotel for the host hotel, I will never stay in one of their hotels again.

Even as a retiree, my family and I spend well over 40 nights out each year in a hotel, I guess that's why we have "Gold" status with the Marriott Hotel Chain!!

Noavatar32 JG

Been a Diamond for several years. Already have 44 nights this year with many more reserved. At Crystal City Doubletree, the manager could not find herself to grant two extra breakfast vouchers for my daughters, even though we are staying in a Suite. This sort of short-sighted customer service only tells me Hilton does very little to Honor their members. Some people get the status due to credit cards, etc. I actually STAY in these hotels, spending thousands each year and they couldn't comp me $$ vouchers for two breakfasts?

Noavatar32 maria

worst people / never will recomend /lookslike a fake investment / regret investing my money in virtual hotel :(

Avatar32 Sandeep Das

Bad experience with Hilton Hyde Park Lon. Booked 5 nights thru Expedia, more than 2 mths ago. 1st night, got a room with cigarrette smoke smell. Next 4 days have started with our quest with a park view not being acceded to ( it's only a request - said the front office manager Frazier). Happy that I do not use Hilton as amy primary botel in India. Service sucks !

Noavatar32 Guest

Wanted to cancel reservation #82637819, but was told i cannot unless i pay a $50.00 change fee. We have been loyal Embassy customers and HGV owners for years. However, I will never stay at another Hilton hotel again unless this is resolved. I am outraged. I hope the $50 was worth losing a customer for life!

Noavatar32 John Ratcliffe

First impression is not so hot, very "upscale" Sandestin Resort, and first thing I noticed was they charge for internet!
The cheapest hotels these days provide Internet, but this place wants $10/ day!

Noavatar32 JohnBalthrop

i want to report a negative experience in a recent stay in the Hilton Netherlands plaza in cincinatti. I booked 2 rooms for Friday night 9/21; one for myself & a second for another couple who are friends Our rooms were close together in the Hotel which was a mixed blessing. The proximity was convenient when we went out but unfortunately a noise problem on the floor also negatively impacted both couples. After going to a concert the a late dinner Friday we retired to our respective rooms. Unfortunately in an adjacent room there was a lot of noise and commotion which continued until after 4 in the morning. Because of this we had a difficult time sleeping and by 5AM were exhausted thus ultimately had to cancel an early Saturday meeting. Although the hotel was notified of the problem apparently nothing could be done to solve the noise problem. needless to say this is not what we expected of an upscale 4star hotel. John B3