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Noavatar32 Disgusted in Conroe

Have been a subscriber for over 20 years. Have never had such bad delivery service before! Will most likely be cancelling. This is Wednesday and we have missed 2 out of last three papers. This is just the latest. Last week and weeks before, same old thing. Evidently Powers-that-be don't care!

Noavatar32 Unhappy Customer

We moved recently and did not receive paper delivery for a whole week and counting. We called the Chronicle everyday, trying the get the issues addressed, yet no result. This morning, no paper again. Our renewal is due in February and there is no way we will renew. Sadly, we have been a loyal customer for them for 10+ years. Maybe that's why paper industry can not compete with new media solutions. At least the internet will deliver the news!

Noavatar32 Tracey Lene

Reported missing paper before 8:15AM as instructed but paper has not been delivered. It is now 4:45PM and still no paper.

Noavatar32 Mary Lou Boggus

The Houston Chronicle is the worst! The billing system is freaky. I finally found out what my weekly rate is, yet when the bill comes in the mail (which is NOT monthly), I always have to consult the calendar and do the math myself because sometimes the bill is for 4 weeks and sometimes it is for 10 weeks and 3 days. What they say I owe is ALWAYS more than what I say i owe so I only pay what my math shows me. I would be really AFRAID to use their EZPAY method. I'm sure that I would be paying more than I should. Also, those Sunday magazines and periodic inserts that come with the paper ARE NOT FREE. You are being charged for them and may not know that you can refuse them.

On days that my paper has not arrived, I have called and after wading through the foreign accents that are hard to understand, have been told it will be delivered TOMORROW. Who needs today's paper tomorrow! What a crock! This is what happens when an entity is THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. And, unless you contact customer service, you WILL pay for that paper you did not receive - and, unless you actually pay attention to your bill, you may be paying for it even then.

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

The so called customer Service is in the Philippines.Just more of American jobs outsourced.Need the jobs back in America!

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

Same here! They outsourced Customer service to the Philippines and they have no control over delivery issues.What good is it to send the problems to another country!

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

Thought I would try the Wednesday+Sunday delivery of the Houston Chronicle, signed up in Sept 2106.had to call 4 times already for issues with delivery.Then to find out they outsourced the Customer service to the Philippines and they seem to be able to only verify your name address and E mail info? The frustration is not worth it!


You guys REALLY SUCK. Worse delivery service ever. Cancelled three years ago and thought I would try one more time.
NEVER AGAIN. They don't give a shi**. Stop killing trees and go out of business. What a joke!!

Noavatar32 L. Utz

In the last Twelve days, we've been forced to call the Chronicle NINE TIMES, twice a day for delivery. And STILL NO DELIVERY. Yet they raised prices $10.00 quarterly ! The audacity. Such a farce this newspaper ! Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and has only one paper ! They truly do not care. Maybe if we ALL started calling their major advertisers to make them aware of the situation !!!!

Avatar32 Hunter Aydelott

This is the fourth weekend in a month and a half that our paper has not been delivered. Then you have to call the Philippines to relay the message because the chronicle has shipped those jobs overseas. What a fuckin joke of a paper.

Noavatar32 jwwinner

As others have stated, poor delivery and even poorer customer service. Newspapers nation wide are trying to stay alive in print delvery. Strangely, , the Houston Chronicle thinks that it does not have that problem.


We have been the paper many years, recently we have had sporadic delivery, the agents I talk to on the phone promise to have the paper delivered that day, but this is the third time just this month that it has happened, and no paper delivered. I can't even get a manager to return my calls. You have no problem taking the payment out of our bank account. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Noavatar32 Nicole

The papers never came. My husband and I called everyday for over 3 weeks to get them delivered and each time we were told "I will personally take care of this and call you back [or have the distribution/district manager call you]". NO ONE EVER CALLED US BACK!! We had to call back every single time. Yesterday, Lea (1LFN) said she would call my husband back by 3 pm and at 4 when she hadn't called him, he called and she had left for the day!!! He spoke with April (1ASL0630) and she said she would talk to Distribution in the morning since they closed at 4 and call him back at 8 in the morning... surprise, surprise she never called back! So when my husband called at 9 this morning he got Lea! She said she would call him back at 1 pm.. well he got stuck doing something for work and couldn't call back at 1:15 because of course Lea didn't call him at 1 so I called. Believe me when I say that my husband is the nice one out of us. After 3 weeks of dealing with these people I was so fed up and aggravated it took everything I had to keep my cool. I spoke with Lea and then with Alex (1PPB) whom we had spoken with 3 weeks ago!!! After Alex tried to give me the run around of "I'll personally handle this and have the DM call you today" and me saying it was unacceptable I just asked for a refund. I really didn't want to because I specifically ordered the paper to get the coupons, but when I'm paying and not receiving anything it's pointless. I'll find a different way to get my inserts. The Houston Chronicle is such a joke. Their customer service is horrendous! And I don't know what the distribution center's issue is either.. maybe they just never got the messages from customer service. I also let Alex know how horrible their customer service is and that they need to seriously look into it. She assured me that they will, but I won't hold my breath.

Noavatar32 MWhite

This review has been a long time coming, but not anymore! I cancelled my account last week after too much frustration. I have taken the Sunday only paper for several years, but for the past 8 out of 9 Sundays, I had to call about not getting my paper. The 9th Sunday I was out of town, had a vacation hold for that day, but guess what, my paper was delivered and there it was when we got home a week later! On Monday and then Tuesday last week, I spoke to 2 circulations supervisors (April & Lia) who said, "they have forwarded my issues to the District Manager, et. al,; the carrier would be contacted and replaced if necessary, apologized for my not getting my paper, give them another chance, I would have my SUNDAY paper the next day, etc., etc." The following day, I talked to Lyn (April & Lia were both on the other line) who gave me the same speech. After she said I would get my Sunday paper the FOLLOWING day, I said no, cancel my account! I also told her to tell her coworkers not to call me about a new subscription. The next day, I get a call from Hunter who says they hate to lose me as a customer and that I could have the Sunday & Wednesday papers for $6 a week. When I started to tell him that I never got my Sunday paper this week, that the Chronicle had a problem that needed to be fixed, etc. he hung up in my ear. Funny, there is a recording at the beginning of the phone call that says all calls are recorded for training purposes. I think everyone needs to go through training again there. The Houston Chronicle's CUSTOMER SERVICE is absolutely horrible! I won't be having another account with them in the future.

Noavatar32 myra rachal

I was offered a subscription I never received and an empty gift card to sign up for Wed. and Sunday papers. I have asked for my money back only to be told they would give me an extra day. I don't want a paper that has to con the people to take their product. Thank for letting me vent I'll stick to TV and internet plus save some trees

Avatar32 MaryAnne C. Bronson

Horrible customer service-speaking with a call center in the Philippines regarding non-delivery issues over the last 2 weeks. I continue to be told, "Rest assured, no worries ma'am. I have taken care of the problem, and you will receive your paper without any problem." Well, no paper, and I'm on the phone again to no avail. Have been a customer for several years, and this is unacceptable for a major city's only newspaper. Still waiting for a district manager to call me and try to resolve this issue.

Noavatar32 Mary

I keep having to call and report missing daily news paper for my elderly father. And paying
More money! each time.now they talked my father in to WB package, all he wanted was the Sunday paper.
And he don't even own a cell phone or know how to use a tablet! The Houston chronicle is bad news. I'M going to CANCEL my father's subscriptions.

Noavatar32 Alma G Sosa

If you ever see somebody selling houston cronicle subscriptions outside of HEB don't fall for it, they tell you that you only have to pay $12.00 and they end up charching your bank acount $19.75 and when you complaint they come up w/ the excuse that it is a proccessing fee, something that nobody tells you when you give your bank information. That is what i call false advertising, and then when you cancel it takes forever to get your money back all the opposite to when to accept the suscription they charge you the same day.

Noavatar32 dmk

Worst service ever!!! Delivery people can't follow simple instructions and customer service is located half way around the world! No one in Houston is willing to talk to us!!! Save your money and your sanity!!!

Noavatar32 Janet Stratman

Until the change in carrier November 2014, my service was great. Since then, it sucks. After yet another week's disruption, I've had it. Obviously, The Chronicle cares little about customer service once it gets the customer's check. From the comments below, I see I'm not the only one with the ongoing delivery problems. Somebody at The Chronicle had better wake up and address the evident problem.

Noavatar32 A.W. Taylor

Customer service is terrible. Tried to do vacation hold online and got a message my account was not eligible for it. Called CS and had it stopped. When I asked the rep why my account was not eligible to place hold using online, she could only tell me it was on hold, and barely able to speak English. Repeatedly asked for a supervisor, finally got Miguel. He to me they were experiencing technical difficulties but I was able to access changing my billing or delivery address. He insisted it was technically difficulties but I believe he was BSing me. Terrible newspaper.

Noavatar32 Rene Chapelle

I have been a subscriber for years. I was going to try to pay by computer, the connection was not secure and I did not want to divulge my credit card number. The Houston Chronicle accounting dept. was to call me to continue the payment; they never did. Instead few days later I wrote a check and mail it, the operator said it was received Tuesday Dec. 1 and I was promised by the operator delivery for Wednesday Dec 2, it never came , I called and no action was taken, I was promised again delivery on Thursday Dec 3, it never came, I called, no action was taken. I was promised delivery on Friday Dec 4, same story, no delivery, after calling I was promised delivery on Saturday Dec 5, same story, no delivery, after calling I was promised delivery on Sunday Dec. 6, same story, no delivery. I write this memo in total disgust of the service I received. I am ready to dump the Houston Chronicle and switch to a better paper. Please show me differently, I still have a little, very little confidence in you! Action is needed immediately or I will inform the top management.

Noavatar32 Larry Bell

at the Chronicle newstand at Midtown Bar and Grill on West Gray Street....the papers are always 3 or 4 days old. Please get someone to deliver papers daily. I lose $1.50 there all the time. This is disgusting. L Bell

Noavatar32 roger

I have a problem also, while back we took the paper 7 days a week, delivery was horrible, so we cancelled down to 2 days a week, and they still can not deliver the paper properly. They don't answer the phone, they don't return phone calls. They may be the only paper in town, but the bottom line will eventually go red if they don't take care of their customers.
When you do talk to a '''''''''' manager''''''''''' they promise you the world, but never deliver. Looking at the comments below I can see that I'm not the only one with a delivery problem. Indicates to me that management gets their big paychecks and they rely on volume, not customer satisfaction. Typical management.

Noavatar32 Luby Zamora

Worst customer service ever! Have been trying to get a refund on being way over charged for almost 2 months now! Phone reps are pretty dumb, never succeeding in a simple refund or getting a supervisor on the phone, omg are they plain idiots or do they just not care??? Sick and tired of all the lies with these people, I guess I'll have to go to the office because it's $40! That's alot of money owed to me and I want what's mine. Never again with these untrained reps!