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Noavatar32 Penelope Brown

No paper delivered again this morning!!!! Just started it last week! I also quit this paper and foolishly thought I would give them another try.

Noavatar32 Judy moran

Did not receive paper again

Avatar32 Anne Hughes Glover

So disgusted with the liberal leaning articles - If I wanted NY Times or WAshington Post's opinions, I'd subscribe to them. Have started taking the WSJ and find it to be much more balanced.

Noavatar32 Brenda Wellmeyer

We have taken the Chronicle for many years. However after moving to the Lake Conroe area the delivery has been unreliable! I call to report each missed delivery. The customer service agents are very nice but nothing ever changes. I have asked to speak to district managers and are told they will return my call. That has never happened. Many neighbors have cancelled due to these delivery problems. In addition I pay extra to receive the TV Weekly, but the magazine is frequently missing from my Sunday paper. Sometimes, as today, I get neither!! BRING BACK THE HOUSTON POST,!!

Noavatar32 peggy fox watz

Sadly, I agree with ALL the comments below! The morning delivery is so randomly reinforced that it has become a stressful event- a mixture of anticipation and so often disappointment. I agree with Ms. Kathy Springer: There is no problem with debiting my bank account each month. I have NOT been credited for the MANY missed days of delivery.
The Chronicle is good publication and goes well with my morning coffee. Please find a way to resolve this problem.
Peggy Watz

Noavatar32 Ruth

After 25 years of being a loyal subscriber and paying the increased rate each year, periodic problems, then no paper for the past 12 days and the "customer service" people just keep saying they are "escalating" my complaint. But they do not know who my carrier is (we don't have that information), so how can they possibly fix the problem if they can't contact the carrier or district supervisor? Hearst needs to read about United Airlines' PR problems and take note of these many complaints. I have several friends who finally gave up and quit subscribing--I guess I may have to do the same.

Avatar32 Ann Lanier

The Houston Chronicle is crap on service. No paper in over two weeks ...no reason given,,just you will have it in the morning! Really!!!!

Noavatar32 Barbara

The Houston Chronicle is third rate. The writers are third rate too but think they are just fabulous! Very little news in the paper. Too much meaningless sports and silly fashion no one would wear. And the vapid "society news" is so boring it isn't even good for laughs.

One junk food writer writes about various uninteresting subjects that range from the newest hot dog joint to the oldest (she admits to 80 yrs. old) hot dog socialite "fund raiser." Doesn't the Chronicle have any real reporters who can go out and get a real story???

The billing is thievery. HC charged $10 for Tues thru Sun, then $12, then suddenly $28 on my last charge card. I am canceling and will never buy the paper again. Houston deserves a real newspaper with news, information and intelligent writers.

Noavatar32 Freda wagner

did not receive my paper for Sunday receive it on Tuesday and they charge me in it anyway

Noavatar32 Freda wagner

Got to Sunday's paper delivered to my house didn't receive the Sunday paper until Tuesday and they charge me any anyway Said he received it and I'm telling you that is the three all day paper but they charge me anyhow so no do not deal with the Houston Chronicle

Noavatar32 Donna Wallace

I started getting the Houston Chronicle about two months ago. I must have lost ten years of my life and gained hundreds of gray hair just fighting with their "servants" from another country. I ordered the paper in Houston, I live in Houston, why won't they give me a local Houston phone number to call to complain? Why can't I have the phone number of the one who delivers my newspaper, or his/her supervisor so that I can call them when I do not receive my Wed. and Sunday paper. I've never been so dissatisfied with a company in my life. I wish there was some type of action I could take who had the power to correct this injustice. @MadAsHellAndI'mNotGoingToTakeItAnymore!

Noavatar32 Disgusted in Conroe

Have been a subscriber for over 20 years. Have never had such bad delivery service before! Will most likely be cancelling. This is Wednesday and we have missed 2 out of last three papers. This is just the latest. Last week and weeks before, same old thing. Evidently Powers-that-be don't care!

Noavatar32 Unhappy Customer

We moved recently and did not receive paper delivery for a whole week and counting. We called the Chronicle everyday, trying the get the issues addressed, yet no result. This morning, no paper again. Our renewal is due in February and there is no way we will renew. Sadly, we have been a loyal customer for them for 10+ years. Maybe that's why paper industry can not compete with new media solutions. At least the internet will deliver the news!

Noavatar32 Tracey Lene

Reported missing paper before 8:15AM as instructed but paper has not been delivered. It is now 4:45PM and still no paper.

Noavatar32 Mary Lou Boggus

The Houston Chronicle is the worst! The billing system is freaky. I finally found out what my weekly rate is, yet when the bill comes in the mail (which is NOT monthly), I always have to consult the calendar and do the math myself because sometimes the bill is for 4 weeks and sometimes it is for 10 weeks and 3 days. What they say I owe is ALWAYS more than what I say i owe so I only pay what my math shows me. I would be really AFRAID to use their EZPAY method. I'm sure that I would be paying more than I should. Also, those Sunday magazines and periodic inserts that come with the paper ARE NOT FREE. You are being charged for them and may not know that you can refuse them.

On days that my paper has not arrived, I have called and after wading through the foreign accents that are hard to understand, have been told it will be delivered TOMORROW. Who needs today's paper tomorrow! What a crock! This is what happens when an entity is THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. And, unless you contact customer service, you WILL pay for that paper you did not receive - and, unless you actually pay attention to your bill, you may be paying for it even then.

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

The so called customer Service is in the Philippines.Just more of American jobs outsourced.Need the jobs back in America!

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

Same here! They outsourced Customer service to the Philippines and they have no control over delivery issues.What good is it to send the problems to another country!

Avatar32 Peggy Santschi-Yacoben

Thought I would try the Wednesday+Sunday delivery of the Houston Chronicle, signed up in Sept 2106.had to call 4 times already for issues with delivery.Then to find out they outsourced the Customer service to the Philippines and they seem to be able to only verify your name address and E mail info? The frustration is not worth it!


You guys REALLY SUCK. Worse delivery service ever. Cancelled three years ago and thought I would try one more time.
NEVER AGAIN. They don't give a shi**. Stop killing trees and go out of business. What a joke!!

Noavatar32 L. Utz

In the last Twelve days, we've been forced to call the Chronicle NINE TIMES, twice a day for delivery. And STILL NO DELIVERY. Yet they raised prices $10.00 quarterly ! The audacity. Such a farce this newspaper ! Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and has only one paper ! They truly do not care. Maybe if we ALL started calling their major advertisers to make them aware of the situation !!!!

Avatar32 Hunter Aydelott

This is the fourth weekend in a month and a half that our paper has not been delivered. Then you have to call the Philippines to relay the message because the chronicle has shipped those jobs overseas. What a fuckin joke of a paper.

Noavatar32 jwwinner

As others have stated, poor delivery and even poorer customer service. Newspapers nation wide are trying to stay alive in print delvery. Strangely, , the Houston Chronicle thinks that it does not have that problem.


We have been the paper many years, recently we have had sporadic delivery, the agents I talk to on the phone promise to have the paper delivered that day, but this is the third time just this month that it has happened, and no paper delivered. I can't even get a manager to return my calls. You have no problem taking the payment out of our bank account. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Noavatar32 Nicole

The papers never came. My husband and I called everyday for over 3 weeks to get them delivered and each time we were told "I will personally take care of this and call you back [or have the distribution/district manager call you]". NO ONE EVER CALLED US BACK!! We had to call back every single time. Yesterday, Lea (1LFN) said she would call my husband back by 3 pm and at 4 when she hadn't called him, he called and she had left for the day!!! He spoke with April (1ASL0630) and she said she would talk to Distribution in the morning since they closed at 4 and call him back at 8 in the morning... surprise, surprise she never called back! So when my husband called at 9 this morning he got Lea! She said she would call him back at 1 pm.. well he got stuck doing something for work and couldn't call back at 1:15 because of course Lea didn't call him at 1 so I called. Believe me when I say that my husband is the nice one out of us. After 3 weeks of dealing with these people I was so fed up and aggravated it took everything I had to keep my cool. I spoke with Lea and then with Alex (1PPB) whom we had spoken with 3 weeks ago!!! After Alex tried to give me the run around of "I'll personally handle this and have the DM call you today" and me saying it was unacceptable I just asked for a refund. I really didn't want to because I specifically ordered the paper to get the coupons, but when I'm paying and not receiving anything it's pointless. I'll find a different way to get my inserts. The Houston Chronicle is such a joke. Their customer service is horrendous! And I don't know what the distribution center's issue is either.. maybe they just never got the messages from customer service. I also let Alex know how horrible their customer service is and that they need to seriously look into it. She assured me that they will, but I won't hold my breath.

Noavatar32 MWhite

This review has been a long time coming, but not anymore! I cancelled my account last week after too much frustration. I have taken the Sunday only paper for several years, but for the past 8 out of 9 Sundays, I had to call about not getting my paper. The 9th Sunday I was out of town, had a vacation hold for that day, but guess what, my paper was delivered and there it was when we got home a week later! On Monday and then Tuesday last week, I spoke to 2 circulations supervisors (April & Lia) who said, "they have forwarded my issues to the District Manager, et. al,; the carrier would be contacted and replaced if necessary, apologized for my not getting my paper, give them another chance, I would have my SUNDAY paper the next day, etc., etc." The following day, I talked to Lyn (April & Lia were both on the other line) who gave me the same speech. After she said I would get my Sunday paper the FOLLOWING day, I said no, cancel my account! I also told her to tell her coworkers not to call me about a new subscription. The next day, I get a call from Hunter who says they hate to lose me as a customer and that I could have the Sunday & Wednesday papers for $6 a week. When I started to tell him that I never got my Sunday paper this week, that the Chronicle had a problem that needed to be fixed, etc. he hung up in my ear. Funny, there is a recording at the beginning of the phone call that says all calls are recorded for training purposes. I think everyone needs to go through training again there. The Houston Chronicle's CUSTOMER SERVICE is absolutely horrible! I won't be having another account with them in the future.