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Avatar32 Philip James

I don't know where you live, but It probably varies from area-to-area. My 82 year-old father lives in the San Fernando Valley (L.A. county), and has Lojack on his 2012 Hyundai Sonata, which works great. He's still new to it, and occasionally forgets to turn it off when he goes out, and within a couple of minutes, I get a phone call advising to check the car, as it may have been moved. I don't know if you asked to speak to management, but the responses you are describing are, to me, unacceptable!

Noavatar32 David Rand

I have a brand new 30K Harley Davidson that has been targeted by professional crooks. Two attempts have been made to steal the bike but because of tight security/cameras at my hotel where I live long term, they were thwarted for now. I've taken steps to secure my bike, one of them being to test my brand new early warning system form Lojack. It failed the test. No phone call no email after riding for three hours without the key fob with a new battery that tested fine. Customer service at Lojack told me to wait up to 48 hrs for a call to even schedule an appointment. This is what happens when a service is paid for up front I guess....too busy chasing new business to take care of old business. You'd think their stats would be affected by letting targeted vehicles go unprotected....I guess they either don't care or the stats are bullshit. The officers told me they don't even know if any of their patrol cars carry the lojack equipment any more. Wise up Lojack....you have a great idea ...just shitty customer service....and this is what brings on the competition. .Looking for a better tracking company now.... any takers??