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In an attempt to expose, confront, and stop DCFS abuse I have started the Liberty Scraps channel. I will be seeking out and posting videos that highlight the fight against DCFS / CPS corruption. We must fight and scrap to maintain, preserve, and expand upon the few scraps of liberty our current police state allows.

I am a 21 year police veteran and current police detective that has actively investigated hundreds of child abuse cases. I am also a victim of DCFS corruption. I offer the following advice: Do not ever speak to DCFS...When they come to your home, step outside and close the door behind you...Collect their business card and listen to the allegation against you...Then exert your right to reman silent and do so...Do not answer ANY questions. Do not allow them into your home. Do not allow them to see or interview your children. Do not sign anything. Do not provide them with ANY information about your children or family. If you have time, record the at the door encounter. If your children are old enough, teach them how to exercise their right to remain silent; children should exercise their right to remain silent if interviewed at school or if DCFS comes back to your home with an investigative warrant (school interviews can be avoided by home schooling your children). Any investigative warrant obtained solely on an uncorroborated anonymous allegation to the DCFS hotline is illegal; you should seek an attorney to file a federal civil rights lawsuit under 42 USC 1983.