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Avatar32 Third Act

How on earth did you get them to do that?? I demanded to talk to someone in the US each and every time I spoke to India and they either just put me on hold forever (and more often than not, disconnected me) or else told me flat outright that they couldn't. Back in 2008 I could talk to someone in FL but as of 2011...nope.

Noavatar32 Nora

I agree we need more Americans so as we can understand the English, I have so many times called ocwen and can not understand a word they are from India or some other country, and every one you speak to has a different answer. I do not like the Mortgage Co. At all....Good Luck.

Avatar32 bec2112

Worst company in the world.

Avatar32 bec2112

Ocwen are crooks. That's it. Refinance or do whatever you can to get them out of your life.

Noavatar32 bec2112

Ocwen intentionally delays sending pay off statements, knowing that the loan will be paid off by another. They do this to generate more fees. Despicable company. They keep paying billions in fines but don't seem to care. SCAM. .

Noavatar32 Chief

They double dipped my Dec 2013 payment so the check bounced... I called them and got everything straight and paid in full in jan.... "Sir it was our fault so we will not report the missed payment on your credit." Guess what is on my credit?! Guess who says I never had an account with them because I refinanced to get away from the dumb sh!ts!!! Now I can't get a new home because of a missed payment that wasnt my fault!! Their research department is the F'n water cooler in INDIA!!!
How do I get in on a class action Lawsuit? This company needs to be shut down!
Pissed off Vet!!

Noavatar32 caroline

Try calling customer care: 866-346-3640 or email cs_private_label@ocwen1.com

Noavatar32 Ms. Sunshine

I do this in every aspect of my personal and work life. I REFUSE to speak with anybody from an American company that is not standing on American soil further more, they had better speak clear fluent English. This is America, OUR NATIVE LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH.. I will not press a number, that shouldn't even be an option.

Noavatar32 Ms. Sunshine

My husband was nearly killed in an accident. He was permanently disabled. In the beginning we tried to do the modification as he lost all his income. Later (after 9 months) he was deemed permanently disabled, willing him less than a 1/4 of his monthly income from SSD. We applied for a modification as we had lost much of our income. Ocwen conveniently lost paper work on several occasions, which really was completely impossible. I would scan all the paperwork into 1 document and email it to them. They would say they had received everything... except this document or that one. Really? I don't think so. I would explain that was completely impossible because I'm looking at the email I sent and the paperwork you are referring to is in the middle of this 1 document I sent. Like many others I sent it several times. Once we went to court with our attorney to get the modification, they were easier to deal with. Their own attorney had stated that they were very difficult and commonly lost paperwork therefore it was to all go through him. We were granted our modification and everything was going well. Since then we had another problem where they paid two different insurances because "they did not receive" the cancellation from our insurance company, therefore paid both the old and the new companies. Rocket scientists working there I tell ya. Needless to say that was a nightmare getting everyone on board and getting it remedied. This again jacked my payment up and I was unable to make the full amount. It jacked us back to where we started before my husband's accident. We again filed for a new modification, got everything straightened out with them as far as insurance and paperwork was concerned, and it went through within a couple of weeks with incidents. I do believe since they had gotten into trouble with their antics last time, they are a little more cautious. I would also say that the fact you have over seas persons that don't have a clue about accounting 101 makes it very difficult. I always request an American Person Standing On American Soil that Speaks FLUENT English. I'm sorry I am American and only want to speak with someone smarter than the goat they are herding. Good Luck to you. I hope it works out.

Avatar32 Robert Hull

Ocwen has systematically ruined are credit and are trying to take are home. We fell behind on are payments and they said that is OK we will help you restructure your loan, but one month later they sent us a letter that we could no longer make are payments and they refuse to help us. They lied to us and are truly a evil co. Now 10 months later we owe 12,000 more on are home than before and there looking to foreclose. We believe even if we had $12,000 they would still take are home like they have done to so many others. We have learned so much about this co. in the last few weeks and are socked about there reputation. Like many other we have been intimidated with offers to help FOR A HIGH PRICE by lawyers who only want are MONEY. If you can help please call me at 360-261-4728.

Noavatar32 Ga peach

When you call Ocwen Customer Service and get an agent on line, after you have given that agent your SS # and authorization to talk to you about your account, stop right there and tell the India agent you do not wish to speak to them you want to be transferred to an agent in the United States of America, they will tell you they have all your notes about your account in front of them and will try to help you, But No, refuse this, and tell them that you want to be transferred anyway...They have to transfer you and will to an agent in the USA!...then the US agent will mark your account so you will not be routed to India again...Hello America!!!!!

Noavatar32 Debbie

Worst customer service. I have faxed and mailed information to them over the past year but they never seem to get the paperwork. Calls go to India. No prompts to speak to a person. I would like to pay off the loan and move my loan to a another company but I cannot get anyone to help me. I have trying for a year to close my escrow account. So fustrating!!

Noavatar32 Hwei

Hey, guys, send your complaints to :Consumer Financial Protection Bureau".

Noavatar32 stacy

worst piece of S#!T I ever dealt with

Noavatar32 Mary

Enzo, you are so right...they finally took my home of 36 years - I tried sending THREE modification packets - and was never denied for insufficient income. Nope - they simply lost' the paperwork or else 'forgot' to ask for yet another piece of information. Of coursed, by the time they get it and sit on it for a few weeks, then it's time to resubmit all over again. They finally bought my house at a sheriff sale and I'm still fighting eviction (in just 2 weeks) and to get it back. They DO make sure you will never pay anything off or get caught up by piling on the bogus fees. There must be a hot spot in hell just for them. - Mary CS

Noavatar32 dwc

I spoke to two CSR's in Asia, both claimed to understand my concern but could not answer a simple question about my current statement. I finally demanded to be transferred to the US office. No issues once I was transferred back and my account is flagged so any future calls will not be routed to the foreign office. Thank Goodness!!

Noavatar32 Vicli

Not sure what we can ALL do, they lost the latest law suit, and have lost one before, but will continue to do the same thing to us !!

Noavatar32 mdgirl

I agree. As a person who has been financially prudent (and lucky during the economic downturn), I find it really annoying to hear debt collection information every time I call my mortgage company. I find it more annoying that I have to call my mortgage company because they are not following through on their responsibilities.
I requested a payoff quote and it never arrived. All my calls to customer service went like this:
Me - "Why hasn't my payoff quote arrived?"
India - "Wait another day, the email is in the system and will be sent shortly."
I have no problem with customer service being in India, but I would like them to actually help me. They clearly have no information about my account. Then after 3 calls, my account started doing weird things, like saying my payments were late. Coincidence? Not with this company. Now I'm afraid I'll be stuck forever in Ocwen limbo because they won't let me leave. I have no balance on my account, but I can't get a payoff quote and I can't leave without one.

Avatar32 Enzo

Beware Owen is a fraud front company, their job is to foreclose not to work with you. Especially now that some homes have foreclosure they will anything to get the equity for their investors and steal your home, They will NOT work with you, they will deny all help and grab that equity.

Noavatar32 guest

My mortgage was taken over by Ocwen when GMAC went bankrupt. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Customer service is non-existent, supervisors that speak English are non-existent, the hold times are always extreme and frequently run over until the "office" is closed for the day. I don't know what I can do to get away from these people. While doing internal paperwork, they caused my credit score to drop 8 points, and if I can ever get somebody on the phone, they say they didn't do it. This is the worst travesty that has ever been forced on the American consumer. At least Maddoff was done by choice by his victims. I had nothing to do with being transferred to Ocwen.

Noavatar32 tapdancer

I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE MY EARS!!! I have called Ocwen customer service at least 6 times to find the answer to an easy question....how can I make additional payments to the principle only on my loan between automatic withdrawal payments??? No one can answer this question....evidently, it can't be done on-line. A physical check has to be drafted and mailed in with identifying account information. HOW DIFFICULT DO THEY WANT TO MAKE THIS???

Avatar32 ARCADIO

la peor compania que pude aver en el mundo se los dise un paisano

Noavatar32 Donna

Let me add my comment - down below I see where someone commented that they thought about calling them because of the great looking little welcoming website they saw. So I'll chime in here just in case I might keep someone from falling into this deep, dark pit! The ARE in India and can't speak English. They CAN'T help you at all. We paid our house off to get rid of them and still can't get rid of them - they won't finish the pay off - it will just go on forever in which case they will be adding interest because they are so goofy they can't even understand what you're trying to say to them. And the pay off check did clear our bank. That doesn't stop them at all. What little English they can speak is to say they they are checking with the research department and will send us a letter. The letter says they are researching. Doesn't give a time - it's been months. We got excited one day when we had a letter thinking it might be something helpful. Instead they were trying to sell us insurance. My husband told them he wouldn't buy a girl scout cookie from them! Stay competely away from these people. We were like some of the others on this site - we inherited them. We never chose them - we were passed to them. It wouldn't be pretty if we could ever see one of them in person - but then that's not going to happen. They make sure of that! AND don't think you can get a supervisor or manager either. Nope, that will be in research too!

Noavatar32 Pissed Off

I hate this company. I filed bankruptcy over a year ago with this house on it and they still will not take my name off the house. They keep trying to get me to sign paperwork that makes me liable and I won't do it. The only way to get out from under these people is to sue them.

Noavatar32 Defile

I am also with them they just send me a loan modification paper where I did not apply for one they are the worse one around and I can not wait to get out of that mortgage/