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Noavatar32 Kathy

I know your post is a year old, but this just happened to me this month. The BBB doesnt deal with fraud. I am reporting them to the USPS Office of Inspector General for: 1. through the mail contract fraud, 2. mail money scamming, and 3. extortion (collection threats unless payment received). There is an online form here:


Avatar32 Robert Swift

Never ordered this magazine! Worried about identity theft now!!!!

Avatar32 Kay Lorinc

I just revived a notice that I subscribe to The Oprah Magazine. It list the address of a former address about 5 years ago. I have never ordered the magazine I don't read them. I only read on line. I have only sent you a email to request being on the show. There isn't a number to call. I'm not getting the magazine don't want it and the address is wrong.

Noavatar32 DLA

They sent me a card in the mail saying they had automatically renewed my subscription for 1 year for a cost of $37.94. I saw the charge on my credit card and immediately called them to complain about the amount. The customer service lady apologized, offered to take me off the auto renewal (which you may not realize you're automatically signed up for if you ever pay your account online!). She said she'd give me the $15 yearly rate and credit my account. Well, that credit never happened so I disputed the charge with my credit card company (you have 60 days from charge to do so for any merchant), and they credited my account for the full amount of $37.94. At this point, I don't even know if I have an active subscription any longer. What I do know is you'll be charged full newsstand price if you're signed up for auto renewal (customer service for the magazine told me this), so lesson learned.

Avatar32 BGM

Have attempted to cancel mutiple times yet the publication continues to attempt to bill an outdated credit account. the publication is not relevant to my live nor does it provide any information that cannot be obtained for free via the internet. How do I get this pub to stop trying to bill me?

Avatar32 Tina Marie Mercer

Someone wanna tell me who the fuck ordered this in my name and has this shit coming to my mail box? Who the hell do you people think you are destroying trees to send a magazine to someone who does NOT FUCKING WANT IT!!! If I get charged for this shit you bet I'll be filing charges of fraud against them. I did not order nor do I want this shit.

Noavatar32 Debi

I also received a 6 month FREE subscription to Oprah & Cooking Light. I never received any notices of continuing, when I noticed my account had been charged $46.00 for a new subscription!! I called immediately and cancelled both subscriptions and was told I would receive credit for the unauthorized charge of $46.00. I am on extremely limited budget as have lost my income. This was back in March of this year. Now I have received notice from O that I have $46.00 in credit to pay toward a new subscription of $54.00!, so it appears credit was never to my account and I will have to go back and research all my records! I can not afford this magazine at this time, I may have in the future again as I liked it, but I will NEVER buy it again now. Currently I am waiting on a return call from customer service on this credit. I have better things to do with my life!

Noavatar32 Beth

I used this website to cancel my unsolicited subscriptions to "O", Town & Country and Redbook. Hopefully it works. They take up valuable mailbox space and were not requested.

Avatar32 Liz Rizzo-Dubois

I have ordered Oprah Magazine over the years and when my subscription ran out they stopped sending the magazine. I did not pay with a credit card so that they could not automatically bill me. I paid by check. They sent me a notice after a year that I was chosen to receive a free year of the magazine. Great!!! After the free year I got a few bills for future issues which I ignored and then recently an offer of $15 for 2 years subscription plus a free scarf which I have not received. I sent a $15 check and just got two months issues and am HAPPY. My annual price is $8. That is cheap right? I am one of the lucky ones and enjoy my Oprah magazine. I actually stop and relax from my hectic schedule to read it....otherwise I might just keep on working. When I see Oprah I will tell her about the unhappy people on this discussion.

Noavatar32 Coclesmary

I have stopped getting the magazine, because I didn't pay a bill according to them. I believe they keep sending them hoping you will just pay it. I deliberately will not order a magazine with a credit card, because of this very problem.I always send a check at the beginning, I have sent the bills back with large red notes asking someone to call me. I seem to have finally gotten rid of them, but this is a really unprofessional way to run a business. I would actually like to take the magazine, but ending up back in this maze from hell prevents me.

Don't hire stupid people Oprah!

Noavatar32 Barbara Gallagher

Barbara I did not subscribe to O magazine, but since the Talbots promotion, I have been receiving it. From the label: #$OPR0921922258/3#. Please advise.

Noavatar32 Chefbev

Thank you for finding that phone number!
I was aghast to find 2 magazines that I did not order in the mail today and thanks to your information I got the subscription cancelled right away. Apparently, since i bought clothing from Talbot's they got me a subscription. I personally can't stand Oprah.

Noavatar32 Nancy

I sent in on the last statement to cancel and it keep on coming, all I have to say is thanks for the gift. This is not good for you trying to force people to pay.

Noavatar32 Not Vivan

We are receiving bills under someone else's,name they have the last name right, but no Vivan lives here. I keep getting bills for this magazine which I never ordered,..how does this happen and does anyone on here know how to make it stop. I am afraid this is going to affect our credit...and we are some how part of nothing more than a scam? I am not giving my forst name afraid they will use it against me.

Noavatar32 n franco

This is my third time trying to cancel my O magazine subscription. I have wrote cancel on invoices, cancelled on-line O magazine; called and cancelled by phone automated system 800-846-4020, and finally looked up Hearst Customer Service
866-587-4653. Hearst Customer Service answered by saying u have reached The Food Network magazine customer service any inquires please go to www.FoodNetwork.com or www.servicefoodnetwork.com. Confusing right. I continued to listen to 2 prompts then it went right to asking acct number that starts with letters. I entered my acct number even though it does not start with three letters. Next automation could not recognize my acct number so it said it will transfer me to customer service. Customer service asked me what magazine I said o magazine & she told me my acct already showed that I cancelled. So I don't know if this means my acct is finally cancelled and/or if I'm going to still be billed for subscription that I cancelled a year ago.

Noavatar32 Joann White

if i get a magazine from you ever, i will write [refused] and send it back to you.

Noavatar32 Joann White

i want my oprah magazine cancelled. shame on you oprah for letting this happen. i will never order any thing from you ever.

Noavatar32 Susan

I too will join this group of innocent people that are being scammed by this company. I received an email One day asking to try the Oprah Magazine one free copy. Before I even received a free copy I was sent two invoices to pay for the years subscription. There is no contact information to even try to rectify the problem! The only thing I can do at this point is write return to sender on the magazine, and send it back. I wonder if the magazine is doing so poorly this is the only way they can catch readers. Shame on you Oprah Magazine! And shame on you Oprah if you are allowing this to happen.

Noavatar32 Lapaix

Hello everyone!
I'm so exited to tell you I've found the customer service phone number (800) 846-4020. I was looking for something like "Oprah Magazine Harassment" in the Internet when I end up here.
I've never subscribe to this magazine and I've never ask to get them every month, now they sending me two invoices. I didn't understand. I love Oprah but I cannot afford to buy her magazine.
When I call them on this phone number they told me everything is all right, invoices are cancelled and I wont receive any more invoice.

Noavatar32 pillow5

I do agree this agreement suck I have also been trying to get them not to send any more book but oprah mag refuse to stop sending them I to do not have money for this don't like the books no phone number who dose that?

Noavatar32 Victoria

I am receiving this magazine and I NEVER subscripted to it. MARGO, how do you get in touch with them to tell them....THAT I NEVER SUBSCRIPTED to the magazine and I don't want it.

Noavatar32 Katherine Langley

Yes, there should be an online way to contact the magazine. I also know they don't care about the money, BUT... I really take exception with the article about mammography that I read today in a 2015 issue of O in a doctor's office. I didn't record the month, but it was recent). It needed a lot more research and merely reflects a cost-saving agenda by our health care system (meaning insurers), and supported by the ACS and other breast cancer organizations. There is a lot more to the story. Please read my account of my own experience of the disease and the lies I encountered. It is posted at
http://mammogramsanddcis.blogs... (mammograms and dcis)
My story could save your life. Thank you.

Noavatar32 Margo

Can we turn Heart Corp over to the Better Business Bureau. I must have cancelled my Oprah magazine subscription 4 times and they are still sending me the magazine and the bill. I DO NOT want the magazine. I have started saving emails notifying me that my subscription has been cancelled and to disregard any future invoices I receive. Yep, just got another invoice. I am so disgusted with this outfit. I can't believe they can even stay in business with their poor business practices and refusal to quit hounding people. Why doesn't some law firm file a class action suit against Hearst....probably not enough money in it for a law firm to fight Hearst.

Noavatar32 Karen Vitug

No number to contact you sucks. I have sent several letters canceling my subscription to you and do NOT wish to renew. My records show that I am paid through July 2015. Your customer service sucks!!!!!

Avatar32 neeltje wilson

With any decency approach to let any one who is responsible to accept my cancelation of Oprah's magazine.Have to it this way ; No,I'm no longer interested in this magazine,DO NOT send me any issues.They will be returned by the mail,I do not like the magazine,it's just adds on things I'm not interested in on my 72 year of age.Reading all these negative responses,it's a shame that no one is accountable for this.My subscription will expire Oct 15,just STOP sending,there is nothing I like about it,I do not want any money back.Save the paper,please.# BXNMJXG*********SCH 5-DIGIT 23188 FSS
# OPROO86729332/3# 00023326 ED 56-RNL B12 EXP OCT15
Neeltje Wilson