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Noavatar32 M. Wheeler

My late wife has been receiving magazines and subscription notices 1 year after she died, I CAN'T GET THEM TO STOP SENDING THEIR NOTICES. It is bad enough to lose my wife, now I have to deal with an insensitive organization that makes promises, only to pass the issue to someone else.

Noavatar32 Shannon Spraggins

Pompous ass
Don't want your magazine
You will never be president

Noavatar32 Shannon Spraggins

This pompous ass keeps sending her stupid shallow magazine to us and we keep sendingvthe cards back with her face scratched out, and " do not send anymore!!" She keeps sending them. What a waste. Where are all the"green" people on her. staff now?? She's just trying to get publicity so she can run for president. God help us!! Who does she think she is????????

Avatar32 Paloma Shakes

I cannot get customer service to respond, Have not received a magazine for this year, took online complaint and 3 calls....hopefully I will receive a magazine soon.

Noavatar32 DLA

Nancy, in case you wonder how they can send free magazines, they just take money from some subscribers and never send them anything. It's a really mean-spirited way to do business.

Avatar32 Peggy Solvyov

Ophra is now, not only a pathetic loser, she's a liar and thief!

Avatar32 Peggy Solvyov

Oprah's Magazine distribution is a scam. She can't even give away her magazine for free! I feel sorry for Oprah since she is delusional, yet offends so many people with her magazine. I DO NOT WANT OHARA'S MAGAZINE!.

Avatar32 Peggy Solvyov

Oprah Winfrey is a self-aggrandizing, conceited woman. NOTICE: 64% of people don't like her. I DO NOT WANT HER smarmy magazine that shows up in my stack of mail, even through I didn't order it. Ophra is oblivious to the fact that some of us are sick of seeing and hearing her. Yet she and her "company" force themselves on me with a "subscription" to her Ophra magazine. How do I discontinue this subscription I didn't ask for and don't want?
"Queen Ophra" is despicable, I am sick of her interference and sick of seeing her smarmy magazine, shows, commercials and anything Ophra. I tore tear off the magazine cover to keep from seeing her smarmy face. I close my eyes when her commercials pop up on TV. I am sick, sick, sick of having to clean up the mess that Oprah causes me to delete her stuff I didn't ask for. Ophra is a hater in sheep's clothing! She's a totally bogus, money grubbing fake celebrity!

Noavatar32 Helen Nemeth

What a piece of CRAP....Its nothing but a magazine about Oprahs vanity.....Get over it Oprah not everyone likes you>>> And really do we need another magazine with makeup, fashion, and shoes...get serious people try reading something that actually will improve your mind....

Noavatar32 Amy Ruth

I entered an online contest that unbeknownst to me "subscribed" me to this magazine. When I received their email "confirming" my subscription I immediately responded that I did not want the magazine. They sent me an invoice, I responded that I didn't want it. They sent me the magazine anyway. I threw it away. They sent me another invoice that indicates that I have an unpaid balance. I responded again and then when to their website, you can only contact customer service if you have your subscription information, which I don't have because I never subscribed!!! I am in this limbo now where they keep sending me nasty emails, but I cannot do anything about it. I only hope it will not be on my credit.

Noavatar32 Mary

I received a "gift" of a round nylon bag from Hearst for my Oprah subscription. It has tabs at each end, a zippered pocket and have no idea what it is! Does anyone know what it is?

Noavatar32 Regina mosley

I received your offer to subscribe and two other people that I name,would also receive the magazine at no extra charge to them,I paid the $19 amount,,i supplied the nfo on the two people I wanted to get the magazines,I have since started receiving my magazine but they haven't,did I misunderstand something?

Noavatar32 S. Neal

My subscription automatically renewed in August for an October issue date. I immediately contacted customer service to request a refund on 8/13/16. I called again on 9/9/16 and was told that my refund would be processed promptly. Today is 11/7/16 and I have yet to receive a refund. I am not receiving the magazine and they are prompt to charge your credit card, but are horrible in issuing a refund.

Noavatar32 JMinehart

Just received email that I had ordered a subscription. I never ordered this! Good thing my bank has fraud alerts and they red flagged it. How are they allowed to do this? I never ordered this and how do they access my information to place this order. Unbelievable.

Noavatar32 Rachelle Goodwin

I do not want to be billed for something that I never wanted in the first place.

Noavatar32 Rachelle Goodwin

I never subscribe to this magazine or any other magazine! How do I get them to stop wasting trees?

Noavatar32 Kathy

I know your post is a year old, but this just happened to me this month. The BBB doesnt deal with fraud. I am reporting them to the USPS Office of Inspector General for: 1. through the mail contract fraud, 2. mail money scamming, and 3. extortion (collection threats unless payment received). There is an online form here:


Avatar32 Robert Swift

Never ordered this magazine! Worried about identity theft now!!!!

Avatar32 Kay Lorinc

I just revived a notice that I subscribe to The Oprah Magazine. It list the address of a former address about 5 years ago. I have never ordered the magazine I don't read them. I only read on line. I have only sent you a email to request being on the show. There isn't a number to call. I'm not getting the magazine don't want it and the address is wrong.

Noavatar32 DLA

They sent me a card in the mail saying they had automatically renewed my subscription for 1 year for a cost of $37.94. I saw the charge on my credit card and immediately called them to complain about the amount. The customer service lady apologized, offered to take me off the auto renewal (which you may not realize you're automatically signed up for if you ever pay your account online!). She said she'd give me the $15 yearly rate and credit my account. Well, that credit never happened so I disputed the charge with my credit card company (you have 60 days from charge to do so for any merchant), and they credited my account for the full amount of $37.94. At this point, I don't even know if I have an active subscription any longer. What I do know is you'll be charged full newsstand price if you're signed up for auto renewal (customer service for the magazine told me this), so lesson learned.

Avatar32 BGM

Have attempted to cancel mutiple times yet the publication continues to attempt to bill an outdated credit account. the publication is not relevant to my live nor does it provide any information that cannot be obtained for free via the internet. How do I get this pub to stop trying to bill me?

Avatar32 Tina Marie Mercer

Someone wanna tell me who the fuck ordered this in my name and has this shit coming to my mail box? Who the hell do you people think you are destroying trees to send a magazine to someone who does NOT FUCKING WANT IT!!! If I get charged for this shit you bet I'll be filing charges of fraud against them. I did not order nor do I want this shit.

Noavatar32 Debi

I also received a 6 month FREE subscription to Oprah & Cooking Light. I never received any notices of continuing, when I noticed my account had been charged $46.00 for a new subscription!! I called immediately and cancelled both subscriptions and was told I would receive credit for the unauthorized charge of $46.00. I am on extremely limited budget as have lost my income. This was back in March of this year. Now I have received notice from O that I have $46.00 in credit to pay toward a new subscription of $54.00!, so it appears credit was never to my account and I will have to go back and research all my records! I can not afford this magazine at this time, I may have in the future again as I liked it, but I will NEVER buy it again now. Currently I am waiting on a return call from customer service on this credit. I have better things to do with my life!

Noavatar32 Beth

I used this website to cancel my unsolicited subscriptions to "O", Town & Country and Redbook. Hopefully it works. They take up valuable mailbox space and were not requested.

Avatar32 Liz Rizzo-Dubois

I have ordered Oprah Magazine over the years and when my subscription ran out they stopped sending the magazine. I did not pay with a credit card so that they could not automatically bill me. I paid by check. They sent me a notice after a year that I was chosen to receive a free year of the magazine. Great!!! After the free year I got a few bills for future issues which I ignored and then recently an offer of $15 for 2 years subscription plus a free scarf which I have not received. I sent a $15 check and just got two months issues and am HAPPY. My annual price is $8. That is cheap right? I am one of the lucky ones and enjoy my Oprah magazine. I actually stop and relax from my hectic schedule to read it....otherwise I might just keep on working. When I see Oprah I will tell her about the unhappy people on this discussion.