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Noavatar32 Anonymous2

Twice received People Magazine this week that I have never--and WOULD NEVER-- have ordered. numbers on address tag are #2704 9738 890#PE 994WY00A AUG15.

Noavatar32 Anonymous

I keep recieving bills and magazines that I did not order. I wish to be taken off this list and not billed again. Thanks.

Avatar32 Beverley Warren

received post card saying I over paid bill of $26.20; please send me a refund check. I e-mailed you on Oct 1. to return a refund check:: Please send refund. Beverley Warren P.O. Box 55 Covington.Okla 73730! Thank You

Noavatar32 U..O

i have been getting these magazines that i never subscribed for and i hope i am not going to be billed for them because i dont read them. please take me off you list . the number on the label is #3382 0136 660#PE.

Please take me off your list and i don't wish to be getting this in my mail.


Avatar32 sunnyinnc

I received a copy of People Magazine today and I never ordered it. I don't want it and don't want to worry about receiving a bill in the future. The numbers on the label are #27732 #2823 0308 420 #PE 798NC11 6

Noavatar32 melodee67@hotmail.com

I did not order this magazine! I do not know why you are sending them, we do not have the time to read this type of magazine nor are we interested. I am not cancelling something I did not order but you need to STOP sending them, they go right in recycables!! Today rec'd a bill for the 1st time, and it says seriously past due!! How can I be past due if I never ordered your product? And would it be seriously past due with the first statment? We are very upset that we even have to deal with this at all!! Here's the acct. # on this statement: #3370084257. Thank you Melodd Janczewski

Noavatar32 Kathy Wechter

my statement said my bill was due march 9th. I paid online $34.00 today. I am a customer for several years and I should receive the last two issues that I didnt receive. thank you for your attention in this matter.

Noavatar32 Barry Peavey

i wish to cancel at this time!
my i.d # 25875117060#pe

                                            thanks so much
                                             ROY B. PEAVEY


overpaid on billing. due back  $33.86. Prefer refund check.