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People Magazine Customer Service Phone Number

currently closed
Sun-Mon: 12:00 AM-11:59 PM
Tue-Fri: 8:00 AM-11:59 PM
Sat: 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Hold time is 01:21 min

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Noavatar32 Very bad taste

Do you think you have the right to bash our president... picked up your magazine in the dentist ... very poor taste will never read it again

Noavatar32 Discus

I am so disappointed in your cover about the president .... how bad was that ... I am finishing up my subscription and never never reading another people magazine.... no respect

Noavatar32 bjdeclue @aol.com

I have taken your magazine for a few years now and I am really upset regarding your cover about the President and his children. Especially the headline. Sounded like another sore looser article. It is making me question renewing my subscription. Please respect the President of the USA.

Noavatar32 Toth Joseph

I receive 2 magazines every month and i did not order them. one is in my name one is in my husbands name and now i got a bill for 44.00. well guess what i aint paying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noavatar32 Jose Avelar

Why am I getting People Magazine? I hate gossip about celebrities , I never would accept a subscription to it!

Noavatar32 Mary Ann F

Why am I receiving People magazine when I never ordered it? I don't read gossip about celebrities or anyone else. I've been just tossing the magazine in the trash after it arrives, but this latest issue has me totally disgusted. The July 31, 2017 issue with the cover, "THE TRUMP FAMILY SECRETS & LIES" by apparently Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, with KC Baker, Diane Herbst, Linda Marx, Liz McNeil, Rose Minutaglio, Sara Nathan and Dan Wakeford as listed on p. 51 of the issue goes beyond Democrat politics and their need to trash everything. I will have to admit this is the first time I've opened the magazine, as I wanted to see which companies endorse trashing the President and his family. I hope others upset with this latest article will avoid purchasing the products advertised in the July 31, 2017 issue. Perhaps People magazine just needs to include some pages to color and some crayons for those unable to accept President Trump as our President.

Avatar32 Lori McKay

Why am I getting People Magazine? I hate gossip about celebrities , I never would accept a subscription to it!

Avatar32 Susan Yawn Green

I ordered for one year - 3 years ago and they keep coming. Every time they send a bill I tell them to quit sending the magazine- please! This is like having herpes - it never goes away

Noavatar32 Jayne

Never received my call, but you indicated that I did. I have paid for my subscription through June 2018 and have not received issues for two weeks. Bummer!

Noavatar32 Lori

I am receiving this magazine, I didn't order it, don't want it! I do not like celebrities!!! I'm embarrassed to be driving g this crap! The postal workers probably think I paid for such crap! I used the current issue to wipe my ass on all the pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama so thAt was somewhat enjoyable. 😆😂🤣

Avatar32 Julie Begin

Received an issue of People magazine today - never ordered it. I better not be receiving bills for this.

Noavatar32 DSolis

People Magazine, why have this site if you don't look at it? Please contact me if you ever do read my comments.

Noavatar32 DSolis

Partner Mag 1800-301-9619 says they are distributor of this. They can cancel it but not change order. They said to call People. I called People Mag at 1800-541-9000. They said Partner Mag is responsible. They said I got this subscription free with a Flower Arrangement order. (I didn't). They also said they could cancel but not change the order. A Dean End. I'm going to keep giving away this free magazine each month. Someone is wasting their money but at least it isn't me.

Noavatar32 DSolis

I meant 1-800-301-9619

Noavatar32 DSolis

I talked to someone here at People Mag. and was told to call the 3rd party supplier, Partner Magazine, at 1-900-301-9619 M-F 9-5 central time. They are sending this Spanish People Magazine. It is free, related to some other purchase we made. I called and they are closed for the weekend. I'll call Monday. I can either cancel or, hopefully, get the magazine in English. I'll also ask how my subscription began. I'm glad I am not going to get a bill for this. I've been giving the copies I've gotten to a Spanish reader or my Dr. office or hair stylist. No since letting it go to waste. Best Wishes to all of you!

Noavatar32 Wes

I keeep geting Spanish magazines they think I'm Spanish because I'm Hispanic half Mexican that's b******* don't you agree

Noavatar32 Wes

I like it in the magazine for free but it pisses me off because I'm Hispanic you think I'm f****** Spanish thank you so much for assuming in Spanish because I'm half Mexican thank you so so much I think I smell a lawsuit in your future Not for Me Maybe but from all these customers you pissed off down below

Avatar32 Atticus Finch


Noavatar32 Robert

I didn't subscribe. I won't be paying for any bills you send. I suggest you stop sending. Subscription # listed BXBDBGD then also number 3712 1761 180#PE 1164AR22. Not interested.

Noavatar32 yarii ramirez

please stop sending me magazines or im going to file a report.

Noavatar32 J Jon C

#3695 1226 830#PE 1669CA32 A
Please stop, I don't want this at my house.

Noavatar32 Wendy

I also am receiving this magazine that I DID NOT subscribe to! Stop
It NOW!! #36728449030#PE. 636C011

Noavatar32 dawn

Sounds like the same old same old. I never ordered this magazine and never would. I am not interested in celebrities. I will not pay any bills, so you better stop delivering them. The magazine goes straight from my po box to the trash, never leaves the building. Why bother publisher?

Noavatar32 lynne millikan

I also receive a monthly issue in Spanish, don't speak it, never have, why oh why ! I have requested you stop sending me the Spanish issue, why haven't you stopped, its trash !!!!

Noavatar32 Marilyn Morrine

I did not receive the promotional bag I was promised