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I am a long time customer of the two Petro Canada locations on either side of my house. I usually go to the one located at the corner of Steeles and Financial Drive (but I preffer the other one at Mississauga Rd and Hallstone) and tonight @ approximately 1:40 a.m. I had a horrible experience there with an employee named Syed. First I had to knock on the door three times to get his attention then when he saw me I still had to wait another minute for him to slowly put down whatever he was carrying and adjust it and the tag and then take his sweet time to walk over to the counter to finally open the door. Not a good first impression. Then he simply says "our manager says that we can lock the door at night". I said that's fine but he should be more attentive to customers when they do come. I should not have to wait that long to get in to an open store. There should be a bell or something so that he can hear me the first time and not the third time I knock. Anyway, I wanted to buy a carton of eggs a slushy and two bags of chips. I selected two types of chips and only one of them was on sale - two for six dollars and the other was regular price. The prices are not posted on any of those chips so I put one back and move to the other side of the display where the entire shelf was two for six dollars and selected one more bag of the same exact brand to go with the one I had already. When I got to the counter the employee Syed said that it was not on sale either. We both went back over to the sale shelf and it took him a while to point out that the sale was only for Old Dutch chips and Humpty Dumpty Party Mix only (not cheesies which is what I wanted). The cheesies were the only type of chip on that entire shelf that was not a part of that sale. I told Syed that he should still honour the price and explain to his manager what happened or that I could even speak with the manager. He said "No! This is not Wal-Mart!" I asked him what Wal-Mart had to do with this? He said that when he goes to Wal-Mart and the price is wrong he doesn't get anything. I told him that I always do and that is good customer service. It is not the customers fault that your pricing was wrong or unclear. I am a Customer Service Supervisor at my job and I am in direct contact with many business people who visit the Suncor Head Office. He continued to insult me by mentioning Wal-Mart again and stating that I look like I am educated and I should have read the sign more closely!!! I have never been a customer and had someone that is providing me a service speak to me that way. The only other time was whne this very same store did not have bread or milk a couple of years ago and the man behind the counter said I should have gone to a grocery store to get my groceries earlier in the day!!! i couldn't believe he said that and now I can't believe that this man was insulting me to the point where I ended up being in this store tonight for twenty minutes and still walked out with nothing because when I said I was this close to leaving and not getting anything because he was being so rude to me instead of being quiet he proceeded to take the things away from me and say he is not my slave. I walked out of there with the slushy I had been sipping on this entire time and ready and willing to pay for. He yelled at me as I was leaving "I guess the slushy is FREE!" I said it should be because I buy one there almost everyday among many other things. It is sometimes more convenient for me to just walk there and buy what I need but I will be thinking twice about going there from now on.