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Avatar32 Robert Rivera

Need manual for Norelco Easy Steam 503 Iron

Avatar32 Ron Silver

I've been shaving with a Norelco for over 50 years as a razor blade causes rashes. I just bought a model 4100 Aquatec and it shaves nearly as close as a razor. My previous model with a swivel head and separate clipper and charger did not shave as well and rather disappointing. The 4100 is less expensive and shaves far better. Go figure.

Noavatar32 Bob Edelstein

I am now done with Philips Norelco. While their service has been excellent their product sucks. The cleaning pod has failed 3 times in 14 months. The first 2 times it was under warranty and replaced in 24 hours. They don't warranty the replacement parts, so now I'm on my own. $45 plus shipping, but they will give me a 10% discount. That means I can look forward to spendimg about $120 over the next year plus shipping. Going to buy a Braun again, last one I used for 5 years with no problems.

Noavatar32 Bob Edelstein

Great service!
Cleaning pod stopped working twice in under a year, both times a call brought me a new pod in 24 hours. NO arguments.

Noavatar32 Oswaldo

Oswaldo osmartpol@aol.com. How long does it take the SmartClean to complete

Noavatar32 Michael Newton

Why is it that I can't find the jet clean unit any where unless you razor with it. I have a X1160, not even on Norelco web site

Noavatar32 Anthony Puchta

I have a Norelco 985XL it needs new batteries where can I get them replace in New York or Brooklyn?

Noavatar32 ROBERT

I would like to know why it takes 4 months to get the refund I am entitled to and still I have not received as of 1/5/2016

Noavatar32 Enza

I would like to know if replacement heads q10 are no longer avaiable can q11 be substitute. Please answer.thank you for your help.

Noavatar32 Narendra Kumar Jain

Philips products specially electric shavers are poorest quality products. I have 495B 8240XL and 8250XL (Product sl.no. printed on each 510182013 and 511462013) purchased in July 2013 from Moline USA & within an year the rotary mechanism & shaver heads (I,e. shaver combs) have worn out & both shavers are out of use. The warranty pd. was 2.5 yrs. but I did not register the product & did not keep the bill considering my past experience with Philips to be excellent. But, now my assumption reg. Philips quality has completely failed. Philips India is not ging to help in any way.

Noavatar32 Thomas Bupp

Philips norelco is refusing to send me a new one because I bought my norelco beard and trimmer because I got 7% off and it was used and I have a health issue with that so I would like a replacement they said since I accepted it for a 75 % discount from the store and there's nothing wrong with it there not going to send another. It should not matter to plilip how much I paid for it and I have an issue with the agent who said they are a big company and they deal with this kind of stuff all the time so there not going to send me one then I Said I want my money back she said there's nothing wrong with it. Well how about sanitation they wanted me to pay to ship it back
She said If I don't ship it back no refund for me can you believe this from a BIG COMPANY LIKE NORELCO would do this maybe they are one of those super packs giving Romney those million dollar checks and don't like doing right to the average citizen. Oh and for now her name will be anonymous but let it be known I will release it norelco if you read this and don't respond.

Noavatar32 Jack

purchased a norelco 8240 XL for son about six months ago.

The front closing latch mechanism came off and was lost.. the head will no longer stay closed?

Noavatar32 Rmisar

I'm still using my norelco triple header from 1976? timeless design holds up through over 30 years of service...I've bought at least 5 newer models for my kids and friends, but still use the 36 year old one myself. works great and still gets the job done.  Thanks.