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Avatar32 Jennifer Meade

My car was stolen on 5/10/2017 (it is now 6/6/2017). I called the police first and immediately called my insurance company (Progressive) afterward. They set me up with a claim rep (James Gregg) who called me back the next morning to go over all of the details and everything that was in the car at the time it was stolen. I did have two carseats in my car that they said they would replace since they were attached to the car, but my purse and everything would have to be filed against home insurance. No big deal, there wasn't much in it. The police happened to find my car three days later, but when I went to retrieve it I couldn't even drive it home because the motor was knocking so much. My dad hooked it up to his truck and helped me get it home. I called my rep as soon as we got home and left a voicemail because it was on a Saturday, and he did not call back until Tuesday morning. I told him all of the issues that the car now had, and it took a week for them to get it towed to a shop for "inspection", however all they did while the car was in the shop is take a few samples of the motor oil and transmission fluid. It took another week for the samples to come back. They called back last Friday (now 6/2) and told me that the sample tests came back and there was a good amount of metal deposits in the transmission fluid. They believe that since the car is 15 years old (only 80,000 miles though), that the damage was most likely already there and there was no connection with the theft of the vehicle, so my claim is being denied. Since it took nearly the entire 30 days just for them to test some fluids, I now have to return the rental, find a new car to get me to work and my kids to school everyday, and since my car is still sitting at the shop, I have to find a way to get it back home myself. I have emailed my rep several times begging them to let me plead my case. I have statements from Valvoline where I had the oil changed every 3000 miles, and multiple witnesses that know my car was running perfectly fine before the incident, but I have received no replies. Also, the car seats that they claimed they would replace, I never heard anything back about. I have been with them for over 8 years, but will not be with them a day more.

Avatar32 Tiffany Jennell

So i got into a car accident an hour away from home and my car was completely undriveable, so it got towed to a storage facility "overnight" through police coordination. Progressive was not available on Sunday and i was carless, waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up because, since thye werent availble, they couldnt authorize a car. they didnt authorize a car until they picked up the car, on wednesday. I had no way to get down to release the car, and I didnt think that was going to be an issue, until later.
I was carless for days because progressive sat on their hands. they finally got my car, and took their facility OVER a month to get my car fixed. After the 2 week mark after my car was supposed to be fixed I would recieve calls either the day i was supposed to pick it up or calling them later that day with each increment being 3-4 days. After a month, they said they would cover the rental car until the end ofthe week.... guess what? they didnt and I got charged... they told the rental car company that they werent gong to extend the service, and not me.... I got the car back 2 days before I left to visit family in florida and surgery.
I noticed my ring was missing (because I was going to sell it) out of my car 1-2 days after i got the car back. I searched the entire car, and searched part of the house. I had to leave, so I wanted to ensure no one moved it back into the house for whatever reason and i wasnt going to place blame until i knew.
After getting my car back second week of december and it beingthe end of January, I only recently had a chance to truly search the house due to a full shoulder reconstruction surgery and still require a caretaker.
I called today to let them know that the ring was definitely stolen, and to fix the chip in the paint because I noticed it the day i got it back and planning on getting fixed the 1st day im allowed to drive. Because they didnt authorized a rental in time, I had to give a verbal agreement for them to pick up the car, and because I waited so long after the date.... they denied that i could file a claim about stolen property. I had no way to check and take care of anything since they stranded me. I got screwed multiple times from this experience, from them not authorizing an extension like they said, leaving me stranded 3 days after the accident, to not recouping the costs of stolen property under their care.

Avatar32 Gmawji

Got contacted the next day by my claims rep. Missed her call as it was at 8:30am and I was driving to work, I don't answer when I'm driving. Got to the office, immediately called my rep, voicemail said she calls back by next business day latest. This was 5 business days ago! I have sent an email, progressive message through the claims center, and also called her 3 more times. Last call told her not to promise next business day calls, wasn't pleasant but I'm a long time customer and the service is bullshit! (pardon my french). If you get a woman called Adina as your claims rep then pray you manage to get in touch with her or don't miss her initial call.

Avatar32 Mr. Peanus



Noavatar32 Guest

Progressive claims center at lynwood is the most horrible place you could give your car for repair. I went to collect my car yesterday, and they missed painting spots. They claim they have a quality check up, but that surely doesn't work. When i called them to check whether i can pick up my car today, they don't even have the information. I wonder why we keep paying them $100 per month for years, if this is the service we get when we need it.

Noavatar32 Bill

I'm getting no where on a claim as a Progressive policyholder and another Progressive customer that did damage to my car. I have 4 vehicles with them and I was going to give them my home too . . . but not after this experience

Noavatar32 tonitulsa2

Same thing happening to me one of their policy holders did damage to my vehicle. The policy is for a commercial vehicle "Eagle Wrecker Service. If I was hit by the Budweiser truck you can bet your bottom dollar my vehicle would be fixed

Avatar32 GN

Progressive insurance is a rip off. They admit that their insured is at fault, that the damage happened during the crash, but refuse to pay for the repairs. claim number 12-1343886