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RockAuto Customer Service Phone Number

currently open

Hold time is 11:12 min

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Avatar32 Sean Dolan

they suck

Avatar32 Sean Dolan


Avatar32 Sean Dolan

fix all their sit and get sit on

Avatar32 Sean Dolan

shipping is loser vill

Avatar32 Sean Dolan

get the discount you have worked for never will happen

Avatar32 Sean Dolan

try to tell them whats wrong good luck

Avatar32 Sean Dolan

basic intelligence is no their

Avatar32 Sean Dolan

lame ass losers

Noavatar32 dave

staw away, used these people for awhile but had to cancel an order which i did and they shipped it anyway. told me to ship it back at my expense ??? talked to the president of rockauto james taylor and he came right off with an attitiude what an AHOLE.. he told me he make so i d never buy there again. i wont. beware guys, when theres a problem they have bad attitudes. dave

Noavatar32 Sue Cross

This service has twice told me my call has finished--but nobody ever called me! Huh?

Noavatar32 yes wings

No service can't return part after 36 days from shipping but that date is not up yet. No contact to human just recordings.
Fake service. No help just bulshit

Noavatar32 Vince

I'm looking for a heater box for a 2010 dodge journey v6?...not an actuator the entire heater box...where would I get this?

Noavatar32 Doug

First time using Rock Auto and I am Very pleased at their service Ordered my parts on Thursday and I had them on Saturday.. Very pleased with all contact w/cust. svc. and will continue to use them.. Sorry that some people have bad feelings, but as always sometimes there are mistakes made on both ends..Some people just show ignorance by some of the B.S they write. I guess they think it makes them look mean, but moreso it shows their I Q.

Avatar32 Daniel Stewart

This stupid ass service dropped the call after I waited! Now I am pissed, and will use someone else for them wasting my time SCREW ROCK AUTO AND FASTCUSTOMER!!!!! They must not need the business, I will make sure I spread the word to my 200 plus friends and tell them to tell their friends they don't need their business either!!!!

Noavatar32 Debra Akins

I ordered a radiator fan assembly received a Intake Manifold. Won't work need to know what to do to get my fan assembly.

Noavatar32 David melendrez

I on just want to check on my on 12-24-15 order #40220363 and where it at!
Part fora2009 Ford f-250 w/ 6.4 power stoke engine

Noavatar32 jOAN cARAWAY

I just went in to check an order I thought went in last week however found that it was not entered completely just placed order again order no 40138899 and I would like to know if I cn get delivery by Dec 24 I am willing to pay extra charges just let me know how much they would be shock absorbers and rotor and brake pad kit for 1999 Ford F250 Super Duty7.3 diesel

Noavatar32 Anthony Schaffer

ordered GM2502133 and GM2503133 but received TO2502133 and TO25023133. Why do I have to pay return shipping on your mistake? Hell, anyone can see the TO parts don't fit!

Noavatar32 Alford Automotive owner Frank

I need a return bar code part won't fit due to previous modifications to vehicle ! order# 0258992 - 36799970 Its a left side ft floor pan for 1996 jeep Cherokee purchased 9/21/15

Avatar32 Stanley Bailey

I need a return bar code for a part that does not fit the truck it was ordered for order #29532839--part #337 674-234 It is a Dorman exhaust manifold after this is returned I need to order a different one - will order after the return is completed Thank You for your help