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Avatar32 elmerew

My newspaper is almost never delivered according to the schedule. When I call to ask is their will be remedies I get the Philippines. The customer service person speaks broken English and will not transfer me to an American agent. I also told almost ll services are not overseas and there is no mainland person to talk with. Not sure I want to continue receiving a paper from a foreign nation so might go ahead and cancel after subscribing for 60 years.

Avatar32 Shirley Hulett


Noavatar32 Steve de la Torre

Less for more is a common theme with the U.T. Ironically, I prefer the editorial direction of the new ownership. However, as a San Diego native and multi decade subscriber to this paper, I am beyond frustrated with several aspects of it's service. 1) After decades of receiving the North Co. edition, which gives us more geographically appropriate local news, we now get the Metro edition (with virtually no local news). We live in Sabre Springs, which, decidedly is North County, adjacent to and slightly west of Poway. 2) The decision to carve down the TV listings, eliminating the snapshot view of premium channels is classic corporate B.S. Even the remaining portion is so small it requires a magnifying glass to read. This is a transparent move to force consumers to buy another publication subscription (TV Week). The Union Tribune direction is clearly all about less value for consumer/subscribers, while charging more.

Noavatar32 Agnes L Freitas

I have been getting delivery of my Newspaper on my front porch for years. Now it is thrown in the driveway. Why is this happening?
It is late on weekends. I'm ready to cancel my subscription because the articles are too liberal.

Noavatar32 john jusko

I was getting the tribune for $33.00 but now it has gone up to $50.33 and the question I'm asking is why the price hike.?
Another thing is when the bill comes to my home it is all the way from phoenix Arizona.
Again why.?
You have a new office in downtown san diego and yet there is this from phoenix Arizona a newspaper bill for our current ongoing subscription.
I hope you can straighten all of this out really soon.

Noavatar32 Robert H. Shannon

Delivery is not dependable. No UT newspaper today, Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Frequency of non-delivery has
reached an unacceptable level. Please see if you can solve this on-going problem; otherwise, I'm going to deduct
$3.00 from the subsequent billing for each instance of non-delivery.

Avatar32 Marilyn Goebel

I subscribe to the e paper and frequently the page is not working. Usually I can get it later in the day but today at 7:30 p.m. - still not working. I am about ready to cancel my subscription if things don't change soon.

Avatar32 Elsa Horn

is the paper being delivered today?

Noavatar32 Lisa Menegos

I've been getting the Sat & Sun newspaper delivered for many years now. For the past year, I will not get a paper on one of the two days. I call and notify them every time and they say that they will have a new paper delivered and also take the money off my bill for the missed delivery. The replacement paper never shows up and they also never take the money off my bill. The last time that this happened they notified me that due to me living in Alpine, they will not re-deliver a missed delivery. What kind of customer service is this? They have no problem taking my payment but they don't want to provide me with the service that I'm paying for. Most of the neighborhood have already cancelled their subscriptions. I will not be renewing.

Noavatar32 Roger Elyea

Sunday delivery is not a sure thing, getting a credit for non-delivery is even harder..

Noavatar32 Richard Arias

I'm having issue with delivery time on my Sunday delivery and all they keep telling me is I'm sorry, but nothing changes. I send emails asking for someone to call or give me a number to call. This has been going for a couple of months.

Avatar32 Lynn

I sure hope we aren't going to start this again. The September 20th paper was soaked, unreadable. Why in the middle of a predicted rain storm were the papers not double bagged and tied?? Secondly, how many time do you have to be told the neighborhood. at the corner of Cerveza Dr & Cerveza Ct, doesn't want your stupid Community Values and we're sick and tired of having them dumped in the street and/or intersection! I counted 3 of them out in the roadway when I left yesterday.

Noavatar32 Elsie Laughlin

I have contacted the Customer Service department several times, starting on 1/4/16 and the last time being 2/9/16. This is regarding a payment issue. To date this ha not been resolved

Noavatar32 b.h.dunlap

The idiot that delivers my paper does so with his radio full blast at 4 to 5 AM. The Sunday paper was so wet as to be unreadable. Enough. The paper deserves to be ignored to death.

Noavatar32 JD

And every other day when the paper doesn't arrive, the utlra friendly robo secretary promises re-delivery only to ignore the issue and do nothing. Then the cycle repeats. Unbelievable drop in customer service - as if they're trying to kill the Trib.

Noavatar32 Don Bentley

Customer service toll free number has been disconnected. How do I report that I 'm missing the entire first section of the paper? Don Bentley (760) 729-4093

Noavatar32 ed karesky

Delivery has gone from bad to worse. Daily paper gets here between 8 - 8:30 AM Sunday paper get here at 9:30 - 10 AM