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I am really disappointed. I used a Scottevest last year when I was 30 pounds heavier. I loved it. This year I purchased a jacket with removable sleeves. It is useless. I leave on Tuesday so it is too late to get the vest and I will have to make do with this jacket. There is no place to put my money. Where are all the pockets??? There is one for a passport, camera, glasses, iPad, iPhone...AND THAT IS ALL there is. I expected more than the vest but this is much LESS. little pockets in the sleeves are not secure for credit cards or money. Then there are a bunch of little pockets that one might be able to put a few pennies in...WHAT GOOD IS THAT??? The jacket is lovely to look at but totally useless for a traveler who needs a secure place to put euros, another to put pounds, another for credit cards.