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Noavatar32 Susan Phillips

Seems as though others have written my same feelings. I really do not want a renewal of my subscription as of right now. Would really like to comment in private instead of a very public site. This is not how the Southern Living I use to know handled problems or how they treated their customers. My biggest concern is if I owe you were is my magazine?

Noavatar32 virginia mann

I want to be sure you have my new mailing address.

Noavatar32 Kay Burkett

please cancel my subscription and stop sending me billing-account # 2273068577. I don't want auto renewal!!!!

Noavatar32 Jane Cross

cancel my subscription and stop sending me billing-account # 2626015024

Noavatar32 Eileeen Pereira


Noavatar32 Eileeen Pereira

Eileen Pereira

Avatar32 Beverly Sims

please cancel auto renewal. my account # 2743079978

Noavatar32 DWAYNE

Please cancel my subscription to Southern Living. I have attempted to cancel before. Please send the remaining balance refund and remove me from automatic renewal. #2640 2772 380#SL

Noavatar32 Claire A. Osborne

Please cancel my subscription #2789046097 before May edition

Noavatar32 Bette Lichnovsky

Please cancel my subscription #283151075 before the May edition.

Noavatar32 charlotte zannelli

Please cancel my subscription Acct.#2722787588. March 1, 2015

Noavatar32 pat hutchins

Please cancel my subscription, acct, #2627 2302 590#sl or #36936 . I will not pay if one comes in as of today . 2-17-2014. Thank you.

Noavatar32 k. Seals

Please cancel my subscription to Country Living magazine. This is my second time of doing this. I mailed the other cancellation. I do not want billed for it, as it was too already have been canceled. 0249836008 Thanks Karen Seals

Noavatar32 Billie Kerns

Please have someone contact me about renewal notice I received but have paid and check has cleared. Account Number 2767266840. Check I sent paying for 2 subscriptions has cleared my bank. My notice says I have until 3/3/15 to pay. My check payment in the amount of $32.00 cleared 1/26/15. Please let me know the 2 subscriptions will continue as paid for.

Avatar32 E.M. Rogers

Need to change address for delivery

Noavatar32 Brenda Skinner

please have someone contact me about renewal notice I received. Account number 2766891101.

Noavatar32 nancy cornwell

I'd like to update my email address so I can receive the digital edition. It is nancycornwell13@gmail.com.
red account number is 2830502270.

Noavatar32 jw mitchell

I want to add my email address for digital editions. My account is 2855071409.

How do I do this online?


Noavatar32 Jamie Hornsby

My subscription #23914299390 expires Mar 2015 & I do not want to renew. Please cancel my subscription in Mar 2015. Thank you

Noavatar32 G Mose

Please cancel subscription for account number 2591046129

Noavatar32 Nancy Underwood

If I have to pay for the Southern Living annual recipes I want to return it. I have not opened it. I have sent one email to Southern Living customer service already but have not recieved an answer.

Avatar32 maxine caldwell

Please cancel my southern living magazine. My husband is getting it and we don't need two. Account # is 2798482960. Thank you.

Noavatar32 Rose Gallaher

Please do not renew my southern living magazine. I dislike any magazine that automatically renews subscriptions! My acct. # is 20104336760.

Noavatar32 Susan Pearce

Please cancel my subscription to Southern Living acct 2756842858 Susan Pearce eff. 11/18/14

Noavatar32 Martha

Please cancel my subscription to Southern Living.My account # is 2087788010.