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Avatar32 Faye DuSharm Cole

I had a recipe from your magazine that apparently someone threw away on me. Is it possible for you to e-mail me a copy of your recipe for Creamy lemon cheesecake

Noavatar32 J L Younger

Please cancel automatic renewal subscription for #21499809510.

Noavatar32 M B Hampel

I received a bill, saying it was overdue. I do not want Southern Living......CANCEL!


Avatar32 Joan Norris

Joan Norris

Please cancel Southern Living Magazine Account No. 2642597930 as of October 22, 2016.
Please confirm.

Thank you!

Noavatar32 Abby Rodgers

Please cancel Southern Living magazine. #2907 8449 850#SL
5905TX00 K MAR17

Please confirm.
Thank you!

Avatar32 Marcia Sikes

Did Southern Living confirm your request? I just want to be sure that they read these posts and take action to honor the request.
Marcia Sikes

Avatar32 Marcia Sikes

Please cancel Southern Living magazine subscription automatic renewal. #2669 1032 080#SL
2407GA00 E Nov 16.
Please confirm cancellation.
Thank you,
Marcia Sikes

Avatar32 Angel Fish

Please cancel subscription #2404 6009 220. I do not want automatic renewal.

Noavatar32 beth logan

please cancel subscription #2529473130

Noavatar32 Ken Norton

I would like to find out if I am on an automatic renewal plan

Noavatar32 John Lee

Please cancel my subscription #2845309901 - No automatic renewal.. Business closing.
John Lee 120 Commerce Cir STE A, Fayetteville, GA 30214-1377

Noavatar32 Darrell wallace

Cancel my subscription. Account number 2674942715. NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.
DARRELL WALLACE 121 lookout point drive. Graceland tx. 75844

Noavatar32 Angella Thomas

Please cancel my subscription and my subscription number is #2879 9458 930#

Noavatar32 Roan Perry

do not automatic renewal

Avatar32 Maxine Copeland

Please do not renew my subscription #2043435755.

Noavatar32 Edward Bartz, Jr.

Please cancel my automatic renewal. Numbers on label #2286 5474 310# 1552FLOO D expires in Oct. '16

Noavatar32 Elena DeRouen

I never received my July issue.

Noavatar32 Helen OConnor

Please do not renew my subscription #289265093(40) upon expiration 9/1/2016.

Noavatar32 Patricia Johnston

Please cancel my automatic renewal. I no longer wish to receive the magazine. Numbers on label are #BXBDHDQ, #2895 2858 780#. Thank you!.

Noavatar32 Tony Montgomery

From Tony Montgomery
Please cancel the renewal on my account #2785940913 (BXBDHDQ). I did not ask for a renewal. Please do not send me any more payment due notices.
Thank you!

Noavatar32 Carolyn Richardson

Please cancel my automatic renewal. I will be receiving this magazine until September and will renew at that time if the price is what I want to spend. The numbers on my label are #BXBDHDQ and #2800 0335 200#. Thank-you and hopefully will not need to send you any additional communications.

Noavatar32 vonda driver

Please cancel my subscription #27247856350...this is my second request.....says subscription runs till 4/17...no longer interested in receiving magazine.

Avatar32 Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier

Please cancel my renewal on my acct # 2819195633 This is the second time I have ask you to cancel it, I am not going to pay for them, I did not ask for a renewal.

Noavatar32 Josephine Blondell

Please cancel automatic renewal on acct. no. 2546767829 Josephine Blondell, have tried calling, get disconnected

Avatar32 Joanne Carlson

Cancel, cancel, cancel. This is my second or third e mail asking to be unsubscribed. I don't read it, old and bad eyes, I pitch it when I get it. I did not want it automatically renewed and I don't want it using any method. Can't you understand in your corporate offices? I will not pay for something I can't use. Please unsubscribe. Jasmine Carlos (can't you spell my last name right?) AKA Joanne Carlson