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Noavatar32 Marie

This is my 2nd request for cancelation on #2730156052. Therefore; again, please cancel any subscription immediately. I did not authorize auto renewals and will not be paying this $25 invoice. Please verify receipt at marie.hirsch@verizon.net. Thank You.

Noavatar32 Mary Case

Please cancel Auto renewal for #2052 5614 340, October14. I do not remember signing up for auto renewal. Thank you.

Avatar32 rhonda

please send refund to my address in alton mo

Avatar32 rhonda

cancel my subscpition# 2838 4397 230# renewel was for jul 15th

Noavatar32 Beth Bullock

Please cancel renewal subscription for #2819 1193 100#SL. Renewal is Nov. 2014.
Thank you.

Noavatar32 Barbasra H. Brazelton

Please cancel automatic renewal for #26993855100

Noavatar32 sheila nesland

Please cancel auto renewal for acct # 258 996 0554 Thank you

Noavatar32 Victoria

Please cancel automatic renewal for acct # 239 661 6324 , please verify. Thank you. By the way, the July 2014 issue I just received started with page 25.

Noavatar32 Judy

You aren't the magazine you used to be. I'll return when Mr. Bierman leaves.

Noavatar32 colemagp@yahoo.com

Cancel my subscription & refund money. colemagp@yahoo.com

Noavatar32 Nancy

please cancel my auto renewal due 4-4-14. act#2549012447 thank you Nancy Stoll

Noavatar32 Gretchen Nash

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2155 8400 810. Thank you.

Avatar32 Jo Ann S. Adcock -

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2524 9746 370 immediately. Thank you.
See name below

Noavatar32 Bobbie Shultz

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2760 2790 220 Thank you

Noavatar32 Jack Whiteside

Please cancel my subscription for account # 2855 9123 390

Noavatar32 Linda

Please cancel auto renewal service for account #2831302043, Linda Hall, in Temple, TX. This was a gift subscription, and I do not want to continue. Please verify. Thank you.

Noavatar32 Nancy Higdon

I want to cancel your automatic renewal of my subscription #28127904480 immediately. After my last issue on this current subscription, cancel all deliveries. I don't recall authorizing automatic renewal and I certainly don't wish to renew at the rate of $36.00. Your new format isn't as interesting and the print way to small for easy reading.

Noavatar32 Paula Rauschenberg

You have been sending a invoice for Paula Roberts to me. I no longer take your magazine and do not wish to renew.
Account Number 220490338. I have sent in cancellation notices forever!! All I get is another billing notice.

Noavatar32 Nancy

Please cancel my automatic renewal subscription = account 28407369180#sl Nancy M Corboy Anderson SC

Noavatar32 Aol

Please cancel my auto renewal for Southern Living. acct # 25023037420#sl . Rose m Welch

Noavatar32 constance a. brophy

Please cancel my automatic renewal. acct no. 22793605110 constance a. brophy

Noavatar32 Chris Gugisberg

Please cancel my subscription acct # 2811550512 C Gugisberg, Glenwood, MN

Noavatar32 PT Carton

Please cancel my automatic renewal as I cannot afford it anymore. acct# 2810327193
PT Carton, 537 Navaho Rd, Shelbyville, Ky. 40065

Noavatar32 Dorothy F. Payne

I do not want to renew my subscription (Acc't No. 2031817840) or the two gift subscriptions (Doris Walkup & Suzanne Payne). This is not because I don't like SL but I have medical costs that I need to pay and I have to stop these subscriptions for a year or two. Thank you for acknowledging my request. Dorothy F. Payne

Avatar32 Judy Crume

Please cancel my subscription. I never pick it up and look at it, no point in buying what I have no time to use. Sub #206 7025074.