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Avatar32 Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier

Please cancel my renewal on my acct # 2819195633 This is the second time I have ask you to cancel it, I am not going to pay for them, I did not ask for a renewal.

Noavatar32 Josephine Blondell

Please cancel automatic renewal on acct. no. 2546767829 Josephine Blondell, have tried calling, get disconnected

Avatar32 Joanne Carlson

Cancel, cancel, cancel. This is my second or third e mail asking to be unsubscribed. I don't read it, old and bad eyes, I pitch it when I get it. I did not want it automatically renewed and I don't want it using any method. Can't you understand in your corporate offices? I will not pay for something I can't use. Please unsubscribe. Jasmine Carlos (can't you spell my last name right?) AKA Joanne Carlson

Noavatar32 Tina Byler

I have been charged the last 2 years with out my approval on a credit card. Please contact me with information on how you will refund my money. Original subscrition was on my kindle and I agreed to 1 year. I don't even use that kindle anymore. Tina Byler tumbler@gmail.com

Noavatar32 Joyce Corbin

This is second message to you! On 10/21/15 I mailed a $10:00 check to to start a new subscription . You have cashed the check, my bank statement says 10/29/15. This Feb. 22. I have yet to receive a magazine from you. If you don't want to honor the subscription fine, just send a check for my $10:00 back thank you Joyce Corbn 140 Cottage Lake Rd, Searcy,Arkansas.k

Avatar32 Joanne Carlson

I do not wish to subscribe again and I would ask that all the dunning messages STOP now. I did not sign up for digital service and I don't read Southern Living and I don't want it. I sent a message like this to you before but evidently it was disregarded. 28828827310 Please have good customer service and make me happy. I am not happy with auto renewal and do not care for digital services. I have old eyes and can't see like I used to.

Noavatar32 Harry Shively

This subscription belonged to my wife Helen Shively. Unfortunately I shredded the peel- off label before checking the magazine out. So, I do not have the account number. She passed away last February and I have no need of a glamorous catalog like this. Except for three years in the military i have been in the South 85 years. I talk South, I eat South, I dress South, and I live South. Believe me, this publication has nothing to do with the South that I have known ! Please cancel her subscription. Harry Shively.

Noavatar32 Pat Craven

Please cancel my subscription 2739 3735 000#SL

Noavatar32 Kay Watson

So what is up with Southern Living I had a subscription for several years, and 2015 I was sent a Senior citizens discount card, this was very appreciated, now my subscription is up and I am told by customer service that they no longer have the Senior citizens discount subscription! This is unbelieveable! Also the customer service people that answer the phone so not speak English very well and some are very hard to understand, this is "Southern" Living? I really do like the magazine, but not for the price, since I am retired, it is to expensive on my budget, seems that once you are unable to pay the full price, they could care less, whether you renew or not!

Noavatar32 Arlene Huggins

Please cancel my subscription immediately. 28819191340SL


I would like to know where I could purchase the chandelier pictured on page 21 in JAN 2016 ISSUE ALSO PRICE THANK YOU

Noavatar32 Dot Bolton

I subscribed on line for Southern Living magazine for 1 yr. for $5.00 through Amazon if I remember correctly. I have no magazine, not a word from your organization, I find out today that you had TOO MANY subscriptions for that price so you did not let me know. I formally subscribed for over 40 years. Is this the way you treat people now? If so, FORGET IT!

Noavatar32 Susan Phillips

Seems as though others have written my same feelings. I really do not want a renewal of my subscription as of right now. Would really like to comment in private instead of a very public site. This is not how the Southern Living I use to know handled problems or how they treated their customers. My biggest concern is if I owe you were is my magazine?

Noavatar32 virginia mann

I want to be sure you have my new mailing address.

Noavatar32 Kay Burkett

please cancel my subscription and stop sending me billing-account # 2273068577. I don't want auto renewal!!!!

Noavatar32 Jane Cross

cancel my subscription and stop sending me billing-account # 2626015024

Noavatar32 Eileeen Pereira


Noavatar32 Eileeen Pereira

Eileen Pereira

Avatar32 Beverly Sims

please cancel auto renewal. my account # 2743079978

Noavatar32 DWAYNE

Please cancel my subscription to Southern Living. I have attempted to cancel before. Please send the remaining balance refund and remove me from automatic renewal. #2640 2772 380#SL

Noavatar32 Claire A. Osborne

Please cancel my subscription #2789046097 before May edition

Noavatar32 Bette Lichnovsky

Please cancel my subscription #283151075 before the May edition.

Noavatar32 charlotte zannelli

Please cancel my subscription Acct.#2722787588. March 1, 2015

Noavatar32 pat hutchins

Please cancel my subscription, acct, #2627 2302 590#sl or #36936 . I will not pay if one comes in as of today . 2-17-2014. Thank you.

Noavatar32 k. Seals

Please cancel my subscription to Country Living magazine. This is my second time of doing this. I mailed the other cancellation. I do not want billed for it, as it was too already have been canceled. 0249836008 Thanks Karen Seals