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Avatar32 Gina Singleton Knight

This is Gina knight acct #2894 2533 490# cancel please

Avatar32 Gina Singleton Knight

Please cancel my subscription.

Noavatar32 Sherry Kerber

Do you all really think that Jesus would act and talk the way you are. I agree this is why people can't take Christians seriously and I also agree that we need to concentrate on loving instead of all of the hate . . . are these people bothering you and your family?

Noavatar32 Joyce Russell

Oh Lord help us. Bunch of uptight "Christian" women. The lot of you are why people can't take Christians seriously. So much hate.

Anyway my year subscription is ending and I never really read the magazine so please cancel#2937 2334 150# JUN17

Noavatar32 Nancy Wardlaw

I have subscribed to Southern Living for over 25 years. I always thought the magazine promoted Christian-Judeo values. However, I cancelled my subscription to Southern Living because of the Ikea ad. I will not financially support this lifestyle for two reasons 1) it is harmful to those who are being brainwashed into thinking the "gay" lifestyle is just a choice like chocolate over vanilla, and 2) it is offensive to me.

Avatar32 Carmen Heussner

On March 28, 2017, I emailed Southern Living but never heard back. This is what I wrote. I love your magazine. I look forward to it every month. Unfortunately, I was startled to find the Ikea ad as I was flipping through the latest edition. Please do not feel the need to continue adding ads like this one in the future. I will be very disappointed it I run into another ad with this subject. I understand the times, but I do not want to have images forced upon me. Sincerely, Carmen H

Noavatar32 Dale Scott

Please cancel my subscription.#27267922740#SL thank you

Noavatar32 Debbie Lucarelli

Good girl Samantha! I feel the exact same way! Every word is true. I am on the phone as I write this canceling my subscription as well.

Avatar32 Tracey Slate

I love the magazine but can't afford the extra thanks an DC please cancel my subscription #2846 9858 570#SL

Noavatar32 Samatha Williams

Southern Living magazine posted an ad by Ikea. Two guys on a couch, homos, I'm taking it. This is NOT what I want to entertain myself with. This ugly, sinful lifestyle is against my beliefs. There is a "small" majority who thinks this is ok.You all should be ashamed! I will not be purchasing Southern Living anymore. Its obvious you agree with this ungodly lifestyle. I'm really tired of getting this "sexual" lifestyle pushed down my throat!

Noavatar32 Bill Hogan

Hello: I have a complaint about the March, 2017 issue. On page 35 you show and ad by Ikea, with 2 guys on a sofa. One guy setting and the other guy with his head on the lap of the setting guy. This is teaching our kids that the gay life style okay.
Then Southern Living is promoting the same by printing such trash.
I do not like this ad. It is against my Christian beliefs.
Please cancel you subscription to Southern Living. Number 2974 2691 320#SL 420TX00 L, #66350.
Southern Living has been a good family magazine in the past.

Noavatar32 pj ohio

Ive been trying to pay the magazine subscription on the a gift card my kids get me since Oct,2016. All the other magazines I order thru gift cards (approx. 10 different ones), Southern Living is the only one who wont accept gift cards because YOU want them to be a renual subscription. Maybe you feel your magazine wont muster by allowing a yearly buy and have to demand a renewal to keep your magazine afloat. So sorry but I can read it for free at the library & other places. But I was willing to pay for a yearly subscription. But I believe you should tell your call center employess to ask if its a gift card or not instead of wasting my time by not telling me why. The Superviser told me over the phone that I should've asked that question. Really???

Noavatar32 Nan, Odessa, DE

I enjoy your magazine, BUT have comments to make and questions about the March 2017 issue
Is this where I go. You have lots of listings to subscribe, but your "contact" is non-existent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I said I enjoy your magazine BUT you have no resource guide that I can ever fiind. As lovely as the homes you show you should require a "resource list". Check other magazines they have it! I want to know about the bed curtains on BIG DREAM TINY COTTAGE in March 2017 issue. Where can I find them? Also, what is the greens on the kitchen counter. DO NOT JUST INTEREST ME, give me a resource list and a DECENT contact to Southern Living! Thank you
I don't want to sign in. Contact me at alerson@udel.edu
PS what is DISQUS?

Avatar32 Faye DuSharm Cole

I had a recipe from your magazine that apparently someone threw away on me. Is it possible for you to e-mail me a copy of your recipe for Creamy lemon cheesecake

Noavatar32 J L Younger

Please cancel automatic renewal subscription for #21499809510.

Noavatar32 M B Hampel

I received a bill, saying it was overdue. I do not want Southern Living......CANCEL!


Avatar32 Joan Norris

Joan Norris

Please cancel Southern Living Magazine Account No. 2642597930 as of October 22, 2016.
Please confirm.

Thank you!

Noavatar32 Abby Rodgers

Please cancel Southern Living magazine. #2907 8449 850#SL
5905TX00 K MAR17

Please confirm.
Thank you!

Avatar32 Marcia Sikes

Did Southern Living confirm your request? I just want to be sure that they read these posts and take action to honor the request.
Marcia Sikes

Avatar32 Marcia Sikes

Please cancel Southern Living magazine subscription automatic renewal. #2669 1032 080#SL
2407GA00 E Nov 16.
Please confirm cancellation.
Thank you,
Marcia Sikes

Avatar32 Angel Fish

Please cancel subscription #2404 6009 220. I do not want automatic renewal.

Noavatar32 beth logan

please cancel subscription #2529473130

Noavatar32 Ken Norton

I would like to find out if I am on an automatic renewal plan

Noavatar32 John Lee

Please cancel my subscription #2845309901 - No automatic renewal.. Business closing.
John Lee 120 Commerce Cir STE A, Fayetteville, GA 30214-1377

Noavatar32 Darrell wallace

Cancel my subscription. Account number 2674942715. NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.
DARRELL WALLACE 121 lookout point drive. Graceland tx. 75844