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Noavatar32 Nancy Long

please cancel all subscriptions to Southern Living .

Noavatar32 martha radcliff

please cancel subscription

Avatar32 Lucy Duncan

Cancel Subscription and auto renewal. Do not agree with auto Renewal and will not buy anything with autorenewal.

Noavatar32 Diane

Please cancel my subscription#21328843010. I don't wish to have the automatic renewal. Thank you, Mrs. Ray Weber
Please verify by responding at wbr-r-d@sbcglobal.net

Avatar32 James W. Goas

please cancel subscription for Mrs. Lois Goas as she is deceased. Thank you. #2624242083

Noavatar32 Elsie McDonald

please cancel my subscription #21005618810#. #BXBDHDQ,ELSIE McDONALD.. Noautomatic renewal! Please verify at jrjjmcd@bellsouth.net THANK YOU.

Noavatar32 Marie

This is my 2nd request for cancelation on #2730156052. Therefore; again, please cancel any subscription immediately. I did not authorize auto renewals and will not be paying this $25 invoice. Please verify receipt at marie.hirsch@verizon.net. Thank You.

Noavatar32 Mary Case

Please cancel Auto renewal for #2052 5614 340, October14. I do not remember signing up for auto renewal. Thank you.

Avatar32 rhonda

please send refund to my address in alton mo

Avatar32 rhonda

cancel my subscpition# 2838 4397 230# renewel was for jul 15th

Noavatar32 Beth Bullock

Please cancel renewal subscription for #2819 1193 100#SL. Renewal is Nov. 2014.
Thank you.

Noavatar32 Barbasra H. Brazelton

Please cancel automatic renewal for #26993855100

Noavatar32 sheila nesland

Please cancel auto renewal for acct # 258 996 0554 Thank you

Noavatar32 Victoria

Please cancel automatic renewal for acct # 239 661 6324 , please verify. Thank you. By the way, the July 2014 issue I just received started with page 25.

Noavatar32 Judy

You aren't the magazine you used to be. I'll return when Mr. Bierman leaves.

Noavatar32 colemagp@yahoo.com

Cancel my subscription & refund money. colemagp@yahoo.com

Noavatar32 Nancy

please cancel my auto renewal due 4-4-14. act#2549012447 thank you Nancy Stoll

Noavatar32 Gretchen Nash

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2155 8400 810. Thank you.

Avatar32 Jo Ann S. Adcock -

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2524 9746 370 immediately. Thank you.
See name below

Noavatar32 Bobbie Shultz

Please cancel auto renewal for account #2760 2790 220 Thank you

Noavatar32 Jack Whiteside

Please cancel my subscription for account # 2855 9123 390

Noavatar32 Linda

Please cancel auto renewal service for account #2831302043, Linda Hall, in Temple, TX. This was a gift subscription, and I do not want to continue. Please verify. Thank you.

Noavatar32 Nancy Higdon

I want to cancel your automatic renewal of my subscription #28127904480 immediately. After my last issue on this current subscription, cancel all deliveries. I don't recall authorizing automatic renewal and I certainly don't wish to renew at the rate of $36.00. Your new format isn't as interesting and the print way to small for easy reading.

Noavatar32 Paula Rauschenberg

You have been sending a invoice for Paula Roberts to me. I no longer take your magazine and do not wish to renew.
Account Number 220490338. I have sent in cancellation notices forever!! All I get is another billing notice.

Noavatar32 Nancy

Please cancel my automatic renewal subscription = account 28407369180#sl Nancy M Corboy Anderson SC