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Avatar32 Leslie Griffin

I just bought the 72 in 1 card reader because it said that it does SIM cards. But first I have to download software from a site that doesn't seem to exist. Fortunately, I got it from Wal-Mart. I'll take it back tonight.

Noavatar32 Luciene

Hello, I just purchased the Sunpak 72-in-1 high-speed card reader... i am not able to connect to my PC...i tried to Download the free SIM editing software at http://www.sunpak.com/sim.html but foud the website to be Blank...

Noavatar32 Harry

Hello few months ago had purchase the monopod 6700M ufurtunaly the screw who connects with Camera pops out
But I was lucky to save my camera from failing down the floor. It seems that screw is clued in the assembly . After I took out the 3 little screws I can send you a picture so you can see. Please let ne know what I need to do for replacement
Thank you