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United Airlines Buy Tickets (U.S. Customers) Phone Number

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Hold time is 06:55 min

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Avatar32 Jenny

This worked really well for me. It was Sunday night and instead of holding for 10 minutes, Fast Customer held for me then connected me with an agent. Note: Answer your phone quickly, as the first agent hung up on Fast Customer.

Noavatar32 Alex

Got a call back from Jerry at United Airlines within two minutes. Got my refund in 8 minutes. Great service from fast customer and from United.

Noavatar32 sfguy

Waited 2 hours on hold and gave up. Now I'm using this service and have been waiting for 2 hours with 2 different phone lines. United Airlines loves to waste their costumer's time.

Noavatar32 Jasmith

I've been on hold to United 3 times today.  Each time took over one hour.  And each time I was cut off
in the middle of a simple transaction and had to start again!!!