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United Airlines Lost Baggage Phone Number

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Noavatar32 Ted

I arrived 11/30/212 and was missing a bag. Filed a report after finding the bag in Denver. Never heard from United so called 12/02/2012 and got looped on their automated phone system for twenty minutes. I finally get an "agent" who I cannot understand because of his accent and the loud noises behind him. I argue with the son of a bitch as to weather or not I filed a report which he says I did not which I have a copy of. Then he says I am not on the flight I flew in on and I finally blow a fuse. He refuses to put me through a supervisor. I get put on hold and low and behold, he finds the flight information but cannot find the bag. He then tells me to be quite so he can tell me exactly what I told him which two minutes before did not exist. He is in New Dehli, India. United Airlines should be ashamed of it's self for the lousy service and for out sourcing the call center to an unintelligable setting with a rude son of a gun named Shakti!