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USPS (US Postal Service) Customer Service Phone Number

currently open

Hold time is 08:40 min

Have them call me

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Avatar32 TexasBirdGirl


Avatar32 TexasBirdGirl

Rubbish NO ONE CALLED!!!

Avatar32 TexasBirdGirl

I was on hold twice with USPS for over 40 minutes---and then it just spontaneously disconnected!! Your tax dollars hard at work folks!!

Noavatar32 Neal

No good. Got a call from Fast Customer within 15 minutes saying that I am at the front of the line, etc, but it immediately went to the USPS recording promoting me, then disconnected. We need to privatize the mail system.

Noavatar32 Joey

I had a notice saying that my cheap package couldn't be delivered because it wasn't secure but then 2 days later deliver a similar twice as expensive package without a problem. Now my first package is stuck at the Post Office because I can't make it there when they are open.

Avatar32 nate

where my package at

Noavatar32 Jim Striggler

Really???? I tracked my package - says that there was an attempt to deliver it but receiver was unavailable. I was there. Never saw USPS. Now the package is on hold as they are trying to contact me. BS. That was six days ago. I haven't received a phone call, email, passenger pigeon note - nothing. How inept can this service get? What a joke. All I can say is wow . . .

Noavatar32 Joshua

2 hours and still on hold! PISSED!!!!

Avatar32 Aaron M.

39 minutes. Still on hold. Gave up.

Noavatar32 Chelsea

Same as everyone else. They say I finished the call, but never even got a call!

Noavatar32 Guest

Post Office told FastCustomer that they finished the call... but the Post Office never tried to call me!!!