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Avatar32 Anand

Your Service is So slow, ordinary mail would have delivered the package to me by now....

copy of my complaint to my Sender:

usps is the worst.... I sent this to my seller from USA:

I am am fed up with your USPS shipping service and it is so slow and dragging oh my God I will never forget this USPS experience. I don't know who asked you to send me by this God forsaken Shipping service? I would have paid more if you wanted to, and you could have sent it by DHL/FedEx or any other service is better than your USPS, It is such a snail service stops at every departing center for days and only info you get is it gets repeatedly scanned telling it left that departing center and so many times, it is better to post by Ordinary Service, I will never ever touch USPS....

MY sincere REQUEST PLEASE! next time for international Post do not use USPS DRAGGING Drama service.....


Avatar32 Julie Webster

Please bear in mind that the post was written 6 months ago and yes I am more knowledgable now. Wasn't expecting nice answers was simply asking a simple question to see if anyone had a contact email address. Thanks for all your advice on how to run a business and speed up etc but I don't need it Have a good day

Noavatar32 severn sea

It should be reasonably obvious that if a batch of parcels all posted at the same time are posted on the same day are missing then they will almost certainly all be in the same place somewhere, but that's not the point. Your contract is with Royal Mail. What happens to them is their problem. You should not have to contact USPS or anybody else, you're paying RM for a service and it's up to them to sort out what happened. So your comments made you sound very amateur and it's amateurs that are spoiling it for everybody else (there are dozens of reasons why so I won't go into detail), but most people who don't know what they are doing set up a business online or wherever and expect to make a killing without really having much of a clue what they are actually doing, and that's how you came across.

Your first sentence was the question, you wrote another nine after that. Again, simply expecting nice answers to your comments again indicates naivety. If you're posting in a public forum then expect people to express an opinion. If you can't take it then don't post. I'm straightforward and to the point, if that's your definition of obnoxious then so be it. My point is it's not about being clever and knowledgeable, it's basic stuff - your contract is with the person or company you originally dealt with, in this case Royal Mail. It's up to them to deal with USPS. Given that you are now running a successful business that's the sort of thing that should be obvious. I'm not trying to be smart or clever but I am blunt and to the point, and make no apologies for it. It's tough world out there and you need to be up to speed.

Avatar32 Julie Webster

Thank you for your reply. I have survived in business thank you a now very successful business and my comment regarding the parcels was that other parcels I had sent at least a month after had been delivered so it made me wonder how 19 parcels posted on the same day were all missing. I also do not expect parcels to arrive in order. I do not have the naivety of a 5yr old I was asking a question regarding contacting USPS without phoning. No need for smart answers, if you can't help don't answer. I do not expect everything to run smoothly as I have other parcels mis sorted and I expect that, my main point was that all the parcels were still missing 6 weeks after posting them from UK. I also know that my contact is Royal Mail in the UK thank you. I do not sell on Ebay or some online selling account and I also knew my parcels had arrived in the USA. For your information the parcels were not on a plane that came down or in a mail van that was stolen, they were in fact found in a sack with other parcels 13 weeks later in JFK depot and USPS could not understand why they had not been scanned in anywhere. So please remember when people ask a question we are not all as clever and knowledgeable as you apparently are and your smart ass answers make you sound like a really obnoxious person. You need to read through your reply and think to yourself were your condescending comments really necessary ? Have a nice life !

Noavatar32 severn sea

I'm not sure you will survive long in business when you come up with comments like "parcels sent after that have been received by my customers". Do you think parcels are all delivered in the exact order they were sent, or that delivery conditions were the same for every item you send regardless of destination? That shows the naivety of a five year old, and is the sort of comment I would expect from a buyer. What do you think happens to the cargo when a plane goes down or a mail van is stolen? It sounds extreme but it happens. Items get lost, get misdirected get delayed and so on yet everyone seems to think an extremely complex logistical operation should run perfectly.

USPS are a nightmare to contact from the UK, but as you sent them from the UK your contract is with Royal Mail and it is they you need to contact as it is they who are ultimately responsible for your parcels and you should be claiming for them. But if you're running a business you should know that. Problem is people knock up and ebay or online selling account and think they're running a business. Most don't have a clue what they are doing; this is pretty basic stuff.

Noavatar32 severn sea

Not from any form I've seen you can't because you have to fill in your name and address, complete with US state and zip code. So if you don't live in the US....

Noavatar32 OuttsideAmericanCountsToo

your shortcut https://about.usps.com/publ... does not work. .

There is no international email contact details. Totally unprofessional.

Noavatar32 roger

Hi. I've been tracking a package from the US to the UK (where i am) after 10 days of the package not moving/being scaned the tracking is saying it was delivered this morning at 06:48am but i have not recived my package i was home at this time no one knocked at the door and i looked all round my front garden for places it my have been left also there was no note to say it would be oot side. So where is my package???

Noavatar32 Earl Roth

I send package to Portugal with tracking number ( given by USPS post office) LH012060752US.
show that left Attleboro MA, and departed our USPS facility in PROVIDENCE, RI 02904 on March 10, 2017 at 9:40 pm.
since that ,already 5 days going,and don't have any info where package is right now.
Normal I do all my shipping directly from my Stamps .com account ,and all my tracking numbers always are traceable till destination even international First class mail.
This time as that are square tube, I have to do at USPS post office,but I never get tracking number as start LH?
as that where is my package,as no news in last 5 days? Thanks

Noavatar32 Jon Espinoza

I ordered some stuff from China gonzhou and they gave me a tracking number but for some odd fuckin reason I haven't received my fuckin package is there anything I can do to find my package it says it's still in transit and there's no contact info except a email address and they don't even reply back what can I do to solve this problem they said if I cancel that I can be charged so much and it's a fuckin hassle the tracking number starts with the letters LT AND End WITH CN

Avatar32 Joy Johnson

I have been calling 2 to 3 times a week since October 10th. Today is Jan 10th. A package was not delivered and they have been telling me they are mailing me the paperwork to file a claim for 7 weeks now. I still do not have it. I also get different information EVERYTIME I call. It is disgusting!!! Obviosly they don't care that I spent over $300 to get my daughter some stuff that she never received. I feel like if I wouldn't have insured the package, this would be resolved by now, but because they have to reimburse me, it is getting prolonged. It is also very apparent that they don't read/see this site, since their approval "happy" percent is at 8%. You would think they would do something different. Well that is the government hard at work for the people, yet again!!!!!!!

Noavatar32 HArold Smitches

received a robotic call back and it started off by saying just give me the numbers after the letters DS !!! the numbers aren't DS they were RN and no one is available to speak with. A waste of time and govt. spending

Avatar32 Julie Webster

Does anyone know how I can contact USPS from the UK with our phoning. I sent 19 Parcels from UK to US on 5th December, they were received in Chicago on 6th December, the tracking stops there. I have contacted Royal Mail who confirm that the parcels have been handed over to USPS and they contacted them. Their reply was they are extremely busy over the Christmas period. Funnily enough parcels sent after that have been received by my customers. This is so bad for a small business and I now find myself having to refund my customers for the goods and postage as well as them leaving bad reviews ! Is there an email address. I have tried twitter but they do not reply. Im so annoyed. How can they be allowed to act like this

Avatar32 Patsy Kruger

my order LJ923962647US is in transit since 12 December 2016. hopefully I will receive it by 12 December 2017. No person would order something in the hope that you will receive it before Christmas to give as a present - just to wait forever.

Noavatar32 1111

I have been struggling for days by phoning emailing and testing USPS for tracking of a parcel that was sent on the 8th of November 2016 yes that is correct on the 8th of bloody NOVEMBER 2016...............
43 days ago it is absolutely ludicrous
I am at my whit's end with trying to het hold of some human I can talk to as I constantly get a dam answering machine that repeats itself in Spanish, costing my an astronomical amount of extra money as I am phoning internationally, just to get told " I DID NOT GET THAT OR THERE ARE NO OPERSTORS AT THE DESK, OR LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSABLE WELL ALL OF THAT HAS BEEN TO NO AVAIL { I MEAN MY GOOD GOD FOR HOW MANY DAYS MUST ONE CARRY ON LIKE THIS BEFORE YOU GET TO BE HELPED ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Now my problem is this it is impossible for a parcel to take that long to get to South Africa as this is not my first time I am getting mail from there.
I Want to know by today what is the hold up with my parcel as it is still sitting in MIAMI since the 11th of NOVEMBER 2016
I want to know when it will arrive in SOUTH AFRICA and WHAT the delay is and WHY I am not getting any feedback from USPS ???????????????????
I also have a incident number as I reported this matter to, but that was also a hope less exercise as I have yet heard nothing back . Fwd: Tracking of parcel tracking number UH001372516US [Incident: 161213-000569

Noavatar32 Raffeeque Kalathil

How can find my package ? Last 4 days status can see " out of delivery". Please tell me how I get my package. Otherwise I need to cancel. Should be delivery December 7. 🤕

Avatar32 yuyun Zhong

Same with you, how did you solve it?

Noavatar32 Herman Verhagen

Just received the following reply:

Unfortunately, the FAST Help Desk does not support the tracking of
packages; however, if you have questions regarding delivery times or
problems, we recommend that you reach out to the delivery unit for answers or
you may contact the International Inquiry
Center at 1.800.222.1811 or the USPS Customer Service Helpdesk
at 1.800.275.8777 (Listen to the prompts carefully to select the one that
best serves you). If you reside outside of the U.S., we recommend that you
reach out to your Foreign Postal Administration for assistance.

For further assistance, please send an
email to uspstechnicalsupport@mailps.custhelp.com.


United States Postal Service | FAST

Noavatar32 Herman Verhagen

fast@usps.gov seems to be a valid email address.
Just written to them re a parcel that seems to be stuck somewhere as its status has remained unchanged for 10 days now.
Parcel from US to NZ.
Certainly would expect a large company like USPS to have some clear international contact information available. Their website only caters for national customers.

I hope that the above email is monitored and still valid, who knows, fingers crossed.

Noavatar32 John Wesley

Hung up on again after it calls me back! Pathetic service!!

Noavatar32 John Wesley


Noavatar32 Sydroce

Can someone please help me?

I have ordered something to Austria, Vienna. It also was in Vienna for quite a few days, but then left again.
Now it says that the package has arrived in Los Angeles, Po Box.
I have no idea how I should be able to get this package, neither do I have an idea of how i should contact USPS.
The shipping address also was made up right by the Sender.

Please help me

Noavatar32 Luke Castle

You can "email" them trough their non working form

Noavatar32 Luke Castle

i use fedex or ups