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Windstream Customer Service Phone Number

currently closed
Sun-Mon: 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM
Tue-Fri: 7:00 AM- 9:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Hold time is 04:53 min

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Avatar32 Stormy

Windstream took over Cavtel a few months ago. Since then, I have nothing but problems. On Friday, Oct. 23 at 4:31PM, while I was talking to a client, my phone went dead. This is the second time in about 3 months this has happened and the second time this month I have had problems with no service (Internet/DSL). The last time my phone service went dead it took them 5 days to fix it. Five Days! I called customer service to report to report it. No-one could tell me when my phone service would be restored. I called again Sunday, same thing. I have had no communications from them via my email which I gave them. I went to Windstream Online this morning (Monday, Oct 26) and there is a message that it's not available at this time. I work from home. This is getting on my last nerve. Windstream service and customer service is terrible. I had Cavtel for about 10 years with few problems. When I had a problem with Cavtel phone service it was fixed within 24 hours. Not Windstream.

Noavatar32 Ray Sisk

I am experiencing difficult hearing on my home phones (4). All other operations are ok, but I just cant hear when I call another party. My phone number is 704-684-1567. I have called every num ber that comes up and get the same recorded number. None of the catagories fit my problem. I would like to hear a LIVE voice.