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Noavatar32 Ellie

I ssnt back two pairs of yoga pants,cause I have the same one,sent back wanted one black,the other one with a strip on the side,someone screwed up on me and did not send my pants back,gave me credit ,charged me $7.50 for each pants,I needed those pants back,that will not do anything for me,they were $12.99 than,now $20,00.wants me to pay $50.00 if I want to get them again.so I'm pissed and need them sent back.

Noavatar32 Cathy Hubbard

I was just notified by email that an order I placed 2 months ago is being reshipped for the 3rd time now. I have tried to be cordial about this but not anymore. I am repeadedly being charged for shipping and I'm not getting the credits back that I am due. I believe this is the worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. I do not, nor will I ever recommend anyone getting tied up with Woman Within. It's starting to feel like a scam!

Noavatar32 Stephen Scroggs

Thoughtful article . I loved the points . Does someone know where I could possibly get access to a fillable IL DoR IL-4506 example to complete ?

Noavatar32 georgianna kusinski

I returned quite a few items with your mailing labels and have not seen a credit
my name is georgianna kusinski 7423 linden drive justice Illinois copy of invoices were sent with the returns they are 03110 16 13/3 and 05211 0436/4 customer number is 880020394625 I would like the credit posted to my account please advise to when this will happen.